What The Hell Is Going On

so I've been going to school with this guy for three years and only have we started talking this year. him and i have been really getting to know each other over these past 2 or 3...
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I Am Different

Hi ! I am a 17 year old teen girl who loves atoms, universe and maths. I lost my dad at 11 and my mom suffers from depression from past 7 years . I was a good student . Was part of...
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Its Probably Just Me

In school there is this guy who looks (stares) at me every time we pass by each other in the hallways . He gives me that sexy look that i wish i could describe. We have never talked...
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Perks Of Growing The Heck Up

Yesterday, I chose to do something I'm not used to doing: I grew up, got over myself, put my bruised ego aside, and made someone's great day fantastic instead of attempting to drag...
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I Don't Care Anymore

Biggest secret I carry around. It has been nearly 5 years since that night. I waited up for you to come home at 3 am drunk and not wearing your wedding ring. At 1 I asked you where...
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Sunshine I Miss You

Dear sunshine i want you back i will no longer allow anyone to take you away i want to smile again today i still you back i hope...
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But I Couldn't Come In

Tonight, and over these past few days, it's become apparent that a majority of my anxiety and insecurities are only kept alive by the memories that fed them in the first place....
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I Hate You Because I Love You

I hate that you were my one and only my ride or die . I hate that i miss you i miss your green eyes and that smile that takes all my pain .I hate that now in place of your love i feel...
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Sit A While With Me

Let's share this glass of champagne and reminisce of the wonderful times that we have shared together. Hold my hand against your heart and look deep into my eyes. Tell me what you are...
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I Will Be There For You

My love is here if you ever need it. We all need comfort, a soft gentle touch, reassurance that we are loved unconditionally. I don't know why my feelings run so deep for you but they...
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Life Without Sex

What is life without sex? I give everything to her in sense of good home, a car, love and kids. But to you sex is not in the radar at all. I have to work for it to get some from you....
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Super Special Ficial

Yeah, you would have had it all with me. That security, that coziness, that reliability, that patience, that commitment, that safeness, that comfort, those touches, those embraces....
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How Could You Ever Say You Love Me

I gave you 10, years of my life you were my sunshine my best friend my first and only love i was yours you promised me we would always together i became a better person for you...
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You Beautiful Boy

Nice to be back in your bed with you. It had been over a month. You're starting to grow your hair out, and I love it. It's so full and soft. You told me that you are going to grow it...
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I Could Do Anything

I could do anything my love, anything for you. I could pluck the stars from the wide sky but then, wouldn’t you want to see how similar they are to your eyes? I could make you a bed...
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" Goodnight My Dear Beautiful."

As I lie down, before I close my eyes to fall asleep beautiful thoughts of you come across my mind, while smiles consume me all through the night with every dream I hope to have of...
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I'll Be Right Here

Somewhere in the distance you will see a bright light shining through the darkness deep into the night. That is when you will know I am there to inspire and guide you everywhere....
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" You Looked Beautiful Today."

I want whisper to you, of how beautiful you are. Just for a second gazing within your amazing verdant eyes always inspires me in many ways. Standing near you I always feel warmth from...
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I Wish My Parents Would Die

Really, I am tired of all this b******t. Life is just one big f*****g ball of stress that keeps accumulating, and they are the cause of it. Sure, they give me food and shelter, but...
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Friendlily Stalking You

I can still see your silhouette that you left on your pillow. I can still smell your scent you left on the sheets. The bed is still warm. Your slippers are still by the bed and the...
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