Fears, Wishes, Life, And Death

I've always said that time was my biggest fear. You know how when you find something out, or make plans but they seem aggggeees away? But suddenly it's happened. And just gone. Then,...
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Oh Wow :O Drama Queen

Is that really you? From the way you talked in your posts of narcissistic self entitlement you sounded like a gorgeous popular girl, one of those trashy girls that everyone wants. Had...
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Dear Random Internet Person,

I'm sorry that my looks did not please you. I'm sorry I didn't live up to your standard (or original belief about what I look like). I have always had a photo of myself up and I don't...
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Blizzy Blizzardy Blizz

Hi there. I'm finally finished unearthing my little purple car from an eight foot snow drift. It only took me four days. Still can't get anywhere though, seeing as the roads are...
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Responsibilities And Desires

My boyfriend is hellbent on getting a dog tomorrow at the local shelter and I think a furbaby will do him good considering he works 6 hours from where he grew up and I'm on the other...
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Hormones, Car Crash, And Pregnancy

4 months 1 week remaining. Just to explain the title: Hormones: I cried watching Dirty Dancing, got mad watching The Simpsons, and randomly go into b*tch mode at the worst times...
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A Big Rant

A list of things that are messed up about world we live in. I wonder if I'm crazy for being bothered, or if others are crazy for not being bothered. -people selling their bodies to...
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Wasn't Expecting That, Today

It really goes to show that every day is truly a new start in which anything can happen. I woke up today, my first authentic day of rest in over a week, and it didn't once occur to me...
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My Complicated "love"

I have had serious feelings for a girl for a while now, it's been painful and I know it's not worth it as she is uninterested. We were good friends until I told her about my feelings...
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Errant Thoughts And Self-injury

Thought: *I should cut myself.* Old style reaction: "Ooooh f**k, I'm going there again, where the f**k is this coming from? I'm doing better! At least I thought I was. Maybe I'm...
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Always Wanted To Tell You This Aanchal

Hi Aanchal.always wanted to tell you that I have always loved you and will do so will I die. We were together for some time and then you went away.but i cant forget you....
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Weed Brew And Narcotics

Lmao I've got f*****g cancer if there wasn't a good reason to do random drugs there damn sure is now lmfao see yall...
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The Infinitely Special

It's all about the infinitely special. They who do something outside of themselves. Those with solid virtue and values. Those with pure hearts, still unspoiled and innocent, though...
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Wish He Knew

I know I am horrible, so yell all you want. I've got a nice husband, I just don't love him like a lover anymore. I know I should appreciate him and I do. I love him as the father of...
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He'll Give You Breathing Holes And You'll Think You're Happy

Dom and I are still apart. He's dating some chick. F*****g her. Kissing her goodnight. Loving her. I've made new internet friends. I like G and Alec and, of course, Stefan the most....
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Can't Change What I Am. Don't Understand And So Tired Of Trying

Failiure to find love, I've always wanted it more than anything else in the world. I'm got things that other would kill for. I don't have a bad life from some peoples eyes. Infact it...
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Really? My Weight?

Now I'm getting attacked about my weight like wth? My weight does not concern you or anyone else so why you have to be rude and give advice of what not to do. And I quote "Really?...
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I'm Really Empty Right Now

It's incredible how much love I have for someone but feel nothing. That probably made no sense but that's what it seems like. I love him but its hard for me to open up and let him in....
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A Friendly Reminder For Myself

Dear future me: You're an idiot. Still. Maybe even a bigger idiot than I am. However, I'm not just writing you this to insult you. This is also here for a mild form of support. So...
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It Bothers Me

Awhile ago, maybe back in 2014, I went out with my mother and her boyfriend. Everything was fine, except for the bumper sticker that said, "Choose Life - your mother did!" That...
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