I Had Better ^ ^

I look around and see that my mess is getting messier. Need to clean my house. Clutter seems to just accumulate sooooo quickly here , from room to room. A little more coffee and...
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Happy Dad Is Dead

my father died and i could not be happier. I don't have to pretend to smile to his face or act sad that he is worm food, he deserves it for molesting me all those years. burn in hell...
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Life Is Not The Same Without Yoi

I was honest with you, and it drove you away. You have changed. Listening to you for so long, the things you say you value and need, what you want in a relationship, what you are...
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This Is Soft And Mild ^ ^

delicious pound cake. http:/ http:/ And so it is. The other day I picked this up at the supermarket. Really good flavor...
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Well That's What She Said

I've been hanging back mostly. Taking in my surroundings. My how things flourish when you water them. I'm not talking about plants. She-friend posted to her twit she wish she was...
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Bad Ideas Die Fast

And so has my back. Remember how I said it's hard for me to find something I'm truly "passionate" about? Well, here's a shining example. Not too long ago I thought this was the thing...
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A Suicide Note

I am afraid to be a woman. My name is E and I am known to most as a transman, though I've finally been able to admit to myself that it's not the truth. I hate my body and myself,...
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Should I Take A Chance?

Is it okay to take the chance to ask someone to be yours even though you almost have a sure knowledge that they are going to deny you because they don't want to ruin the relationship....
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A Day For Games :D

Feels much more cooler this morning. The sun is burning through my bedroom window trying warm things up. Off to work in a bit. Today ----- Games. Halloween games for all the...
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Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang ^ ^

Watching this Movie before going to sleep. I love detective type movies, and this is a good one. Like, like like. http:/ Nighty night...
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Busy Friday Morning ^ ^

Well, after I see the young lady this morning, (morning class), I must run to the store and do some grocery shopping. But before she shows up ----- Coffee :D Good Morning...
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Pretty Skies Today ^ ^

This is a nice shot., Just behind the bus stop . It's so pretty it almost looks fake. http:/ And no , that is not my house . Hehehe. Off to sleepy...
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In 75 Words Or Fewer

Write about experiencing a devastating loss, without including death. Stole this from Reddit, thought you guys could give it a shot. I do enjoy reading what a majority of you write....
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That Has Got To Be ^ ^

The last of the storms that will blast through here for now. This morning, not one cloud in the sky. Pow!---gone . Just like that. I do admit I like storms at this time of the...
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Autumn Sunshine Cheer

I LOVE sunshiny autumn days such as these, when all of those brilliant, bright crimson leaves from the bushes are still mostly clinging to the branches, but dusting the green grass...
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I Herd Something Interesting Today

I can't remember where I herd it, but it really stuck out to me for whatever reason. I was watching television, and two men were on the screen talking. One man turned to the other and...
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Taking Long Walks

So many times I've done this without having a destination to go. It helps and I find it relaxing. If I could I would leave what I have home and walk to that place where I'm wanted....
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9 Tenths ^ ^

says it's mine. Come look at what The Devil has. It's big isn't it. http:/ http:/ It's huge. This beautiful fantastic...
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It Shouldn't Be But It Is ^ ^

It's storming. So late in October and it is storming. Plus the temperature is up. Weird weather. This year has been a very very wet one. It's just pouring out there right now....
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I Am Enough. But Not

I am 35. I am attractive, not hot, despite being overweight. I'm told any man would be honored to be with me. I'm told I'm pretty and I have a nice smile. I'm told I'm smart and...
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