" You Looked Beautiful Today."

I want whisper to you, of how beautiful you are. Just for a second gazing within your amazing verdant eyes always inspires me in many ways. Standing near you I always feel warmth from...
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A Sexy Story About My Wife

This experience is about me sexually exploring my wife's beautiful body while she was asleep one night. This is the first experience I'm sharing on this site, and with luck it'll be...
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I Whisper To You

I write these words of mine, hoping to find a place in your heart. I can't give you fancy dinners nor wine, yet I will promise, my love will never part. In your heart I will send you...
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I Miss Sex So Much

When my boyfriend and I broke up I was absolutely distraught. But now i'm finally getting to a place where I can think about moving on. I always missed the intimacy, the cuddles,...
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Gonna Disappear For A While

Today was a really good day. There's no reason why, it just was. I woke up, and I felt good, and I maintained that feeling throughout my work day, went out to dinner with my dad, and...
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My Brother Is Slowly Killing Me

Dear Brother, You're such an @$$ that you've gotten into my dreams, where you're even more unpleasant. I know you're good on the inside, but it's not weird to show it once in awhile....
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What Life Should Be Really All About =)

You know what it is not much of a secret as it is just an explosion of buildup emotions and thoughts! all of my life I've been the quite type of person but I feel like I've reached a...
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The "ways" Of Saying I Love You Without Saying It

You know how they say that love can be expressed by actions louder than words? People mean the little things: making sure they buckle up, watching someone enter the house before...
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When The World Falls Upon You

there had to be one day when you felt the weight on you shoulder when you went forward but you stayed in the same place when you felt everything you did had gone to waste while...
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My Dear Unknown Lover

I love you. I do not know what you look like. Your voice I do not know, nor the color of your eyes, the taste of your lips. It is all a mystery to me. Know you will feel safe when I...
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It Was By Accident

the half kiss. I did mean to kiss his side face not lips but somehow reached his lips. It felt so nice. I guess I did want to kiss him so maybe subconsciously I kissed him not by...
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I'm Finally Free

I broke up with my boyfriend. So now he's my Ex and he didn't talk to me since the breakup. I hope he's not too sad though, he deserves a great life without misery. But that's not the...
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" Your Beautiful Smile."

Each and every time I see you smile it always makes my day. I just need to say your very special in every beautiful way....
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If I Were With You Now

I'd be laying next to you and give you a kiss. I'd have my arm around you. I'd hold you and you'd know you were safe. I think of these things because it's you that I miss. I love you....
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I Thought About You Today

I always think about you. It was a time you smiled and laughed. It made me do the same. Things like these brighten my day. I gave my heart, I saw you, you smiled, now I would do...
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Learned My Lesson

I bought new joggers on boxing day because the ones I had been wearing were all worn out. I finally got around to wearing them to the gym on Monday and was noticing that the back of...
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Ignore Me Or Change Your Enthusiasm About Me For One Day? Good-bye

Kinda seeing this guy for only two weeks (if that). Only the second day of not being contacted intently by this guy, and I'm ready to say eff you. I kinda already put it in motion....
8 comments | 10 days ago by Mopy @Mopy

So Much Has Changed

I don’t mean to get to ahead of myself but the prospect of zooming through this boot camp and my independent study course has been encouraging. So much so that I’m visualizing in my...
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Daddy's Little Girl

Yesterday my dad got slammed on Budweiser while we were moving his aunt into her new apartment. It was really rather embarrassing. He gets so rough that he choked me at one point...
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I Keep Trying

Hoping that something will be different this time around. It always seems like a cycle though, as if I always end up back at the bottom. It just happens and I dont know how to stop...
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