Thankin Da Lords Foe My Free Gibbs

I didn't do nuffins officer but I gots da strenfth to swipe my ebt. Gibbs me dat for free likes my Obama sail foam n sheet. Gots to gets ready fo good ole NU or prison as you be sayin...
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Good Morning Good Night ^ ^

The days move so quickly for me. Right now it's morning ---- the next thing I know----- it's night. There never seems to be enough time. At least I got my rat tracks done after...
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I Feel High

and no I don't take drugs other then prescription drugs (antidepressants) that barely work on most days to handle anxiety let alone actually improve mood beyond tolerable. But today...
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The Only Thing I Have

To say before I go to sleep is http:/www.youtube.com/watch?v=3IKuv0Q7Vr8 nighty night. :D And happy dreams ZZzzz ZZZzzz ZZzzzz ZZzzzzz...
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Why Your Life Sucks, No Matter What Size You Are

There's lots of pressure on women now a days to be as skinny as you can be. Whether you're a 12 or a 2, there's always people waiting to tell you you need to lose weight. I am...
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It's Nice To Be Back ^ ^

Back to my house early tonight. Working extra for a new employer on Mondays . But the lady is soooo weird. Always asking me to do extra classes without warning.----- At least...
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The End Is Near

There is a secretive group who would like to make a declaration regarding Islam, much like the Declaration of Independence. I do not have their permission to publish this.They were...
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Repeating Day ~

Lately I realized my days are just repeating i wake up on the floor i play video games, check my email, read, listen to music every day over and over i never leave the house yesterday...
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In Response To The Person: I Don't Know How To Stop

Good Morning. I just read what seems to be a guttural desire to succeed and not fail in your life. You seem to want to believe that you can succeed but your mind seems to defeat you....
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A Lonely Lezzie

I don't know what category this fits in.but I am a lesbian. For the past year I've realized I'm in love with someone I probably won't be able to have or who will love me back. At...
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It's Been Days And Days ^ ^

Since I've been on here last. Busy Busy week. Been busy with my Lady, and work------lots and lots of work. :D Weather has been funny. Not like last year at all. Still too warm....
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All The Stars I've Ever Loved

It frightens me to think about how one person can go from playing a role in your life as grand as sunshine, to no more than an occasional shadow in your mind, come in to darken your...
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Today Seems Like A Good Day

i got to sleep late and woke up and mowed the lawn wile listening to my music. I love music and the only issue was worrying about steering the lawn mower as it is one of those fancy...
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I Am Not Picasso

I ask myself why I'm still here. Why I'm still breathing the same air amongst all the other lost souls. They say it's for the future, to plan it out and live a life worth living; all...
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I'm An Emotional Masochist

I put myself in situations I shouldn't be in and I avoid the easy solutions to my problems. I always go fit someone who is unavailable emotionally or somehow otherwise broken. I set...
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The-Night-I-Decided-To-Break-My-Bond-With-My-Friends Sto Ry

So, I am writing this just to let everything out from this chest. It is 4:56 AM and the dawn is nearly breaking. Nothing really major or violent happened throughout the night but I...
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It's Impolite To Stare

you stupid piece of s**t. I hate this f*****g country and the f*****g people in it you stupid piece of s**t how would you like it if I invade your private walks and stare at you at...
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Not Being A Misogynistic Piece Of S***

So I found this girl who -I'm not talking about anything physical- is who I would look for in an ideal partner. She is definitely not interested in me, as a partner, so I would never...
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I'm A Dapper Dan Man

Why do you look at me so often? I don't know you. There's no reason for you to turn in my direction so often when you sit ahead of me. It isn't anyone else around me. I feel your eyes...
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Caught In The Act

So today wasn't the best day for a number of reasons, but this particular incident definitely takes the cake. See when I am the only person in the house, and it's all calm and quiet…I...
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