Until My Heart Beats On.!

Days are slipping from my hands. Your warmth is what I need the most. Slip your words inside my soul so that I can never feel myself alone. Moments, we spent like years are gazing my...
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Rape Is Not A Joke

I feel like I'm such a bad feminist right now. We've all heard the shocking 1 in 4 women will be raped statistic, but it never seemed real to me until a few months ago. There is a...
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Show Me The Way

What can I do to win your heart? What is it about me that sets me apart? How can I show you the way I really feel? How can I prove to you that my love is real? Every time I reach out...
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To The Love Of My Life

To the love of my life, Christian I don’t know how to word this at all but I will do my best to tell you everything. I love you. I can’t tell you how much I love you but I do. I love...
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Please Prepare F1150 As A Service Demo

So, when a business manager sends an email on Tuesday to the service department, accounting and admin, lot workers, and myself to prepare a vehicle as a service demo, why is the...
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In A Time

of universal deceit, telling the TRUTH is a revolutionary act. What do we want for the future? A world that does care- I EXIST....
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I just remembered this website and surprisingly was able to log in but I just read all my old secrets and I am just hysterical bc I was f*****g stupid holy s**t Don't get social...
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I Am Very Worried

that professionals write up antidepressant scripts for every ailment under the sun? How can a doctor measure the serotonin levels in the brain? There is no test to prove that the...
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Home Sweet Home

For the past year I've been sleeping on a futon that's about as comfortable as sleeping on a boulder, but now that I'm home for a bit, I got to sleep in an actual bed. I was in such a...
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"I Wish I Could Tell You."

If only I could tell you, of how beautiful you are. I wish one day that I can feel your tender lips upon mine. If only we can hold each other for a few moments; feeling your warmth...
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2016 Honda HR-V

My eye was on the Honda Fit for years, for whenever it came time to become a driver and own a car. I wanted a smallish car, but with height to it, like the PT Cruiser's interior,...
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Shall I Write?

Shall I write sweet love for you? Would these love words touch your heart? Yes, you, who are my lover, dearest. I've known your love from the start. I've known of your heartbeat oh,...
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"Let's Kiss The Moment Away."

Oh, could we hold each other for a few moments before I go? It would be nice to gaze into your verdant beautiful eyes; we don't have to talk holding each other would say a lot more,...
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Nice For Me

12 hours of non-stop work. No bathroom, no food, no drink. Just work. So, when I get in the door at 10pm after having left it at 7:45am, I don't want three messages telling me that...
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“The Concern Of Man

is not his future but his present, not the world but his soul. We must be just, we must strive, we must engage ourselves with the business of the world for our own sake, because...
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If You Want To Succeed In Life

You got to stick it to the man: From the movie 'School Of Rock' I love this movie because Jack Black is teaching children to be themselves. 'What happens in real life when one tries...
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“You Can't Relate To A Superhero,

to a superman, but you can identify with a real man who in times of crisis draws forth some extraordinary quality from within himself and triumphs but only after a struggle.” ― John...
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Do I Matter So Little?

My mom keeps spreading my personal business around to those it doesn't concern. I am so furious! Angrier than I've ever been in my life. I've asked her over and over not to tell...
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To The Lake

I'm taking my family to the lake today. Just about everything is ready, we're just waiting for my stepdad right now. I'm so excited that my stomach is full of flutterbys and I can't...
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Are You From The East Coast?

That's the second time in two weeks that someone thought I was from the Maritimes because of some accent I seem to have. Before this, never in my life have I been told that I have an...
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