The Light At The Beginning Of The Tunnel: Or The Epic Of Rainbow Man

It was a mid-summer afternoon in Spectral City. The children were outside playing or finding someplace to cool off. Many adults had taken their vacation days while the weather was...
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Look And See

How dare you say that all men are the same? Do we have the same smile when you appear? Do my kisses remind you of him? Maybe he did hurt you but that's in the past and that's why I'm...
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Could All Of My Long-term Love Interests

Not get married or move out of the country soon after I become single? That'd be great, thanks. Oh, the wasted heart...
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A Diary Entry.fear Of Codependency

"Of course we’re forgetting in all of this that if we acknowledged our own true needs, expectations, desires, feelings, and opinions, we would recognize where we were being...
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I Am Alive And Still The Same

I open my heart everyday knowing that there’s a chance it might be broken again but in opening my heart ,the surprises that I receive stop its beat , I feel love and joy knowing...
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I Know You, Rider, Gonna Miss Me When I'm Gone

Some crazy s**t has been happening behind the scenes at work, both good and bad. Fortunately for my boss, he was given the promotion he's been working towards ever since he started...
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Oh, F**k No

Literally. LOL! As I suspected it would be from the first moment we saw each other outside of work: Worst sex ever. He blurted out that we were sexually incompatible, and I...
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Cheers To You, The Victor

As my mask falls onto the floor and Shatters, So too do the snowfields behind my eyes. My words tumble from my mouth, Astonished That they finally came Out. I see your Pawns (those...
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I Think This Is The First Day

after many years that passed despite me and my ex being over, that I genuinly don't miss him anymore and don't want him back. He was a men whore anyway, cheated with me on his new gf...
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Estoy Muy Avergonzada

I honestly don't even know what to do about you. I haven't got a clue. I know what I want to do. I want to wrap my arms around you and never let go. I want to kiss you, gently, all...
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Confusion Continues On This Crappy Last Day Of Month End

I'm not used to losing my temper anymore. So, when I did tonight at work, because of other people's arsehole mistakes keeping me an extra hour and a half, it just wasn't a fun time,...
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I Will Not Stop

Allow me now to follow you and feel your heart that beats for me and do not go too far. I want our souls to meet. Be it now, or be it later, this path will make us one. I will not...
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I Tried, You Know That I Did

I am trying to show you that I adore you, but you're not even paying me any attention. I want to give you my heart and soul but for some reason you don't even care. I tried to tell...
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Unbearably Unsatisfiable Urges

For a while now I had been experiencing a steep decline in promiscuity, not wanting anything to do with anyone. But recent events have caused it to come back in full force and now...
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:) Happy. Exausted Beyond Belief

But happy. Can't remember the last time I felt normal, been working so much lately that constant sleep deprivation has left me in a constant zombie mood and even on my day off had...
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I Got A Job. :)

Today is my first day and I have to say, I'm really quite excited about all of this. It isn't something huge or cool, but it's a paycheck. Wish me luck. Furthermore, I had forgotten...
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Are You A Sadist, My Love?

Could you please kiss me? Just this once. Pretend that we're together, our tongues entwined. with no distance between us. Breathe into me. Wash my body clean of all doubt and...
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I Love You So Much That. .

A couple of months ago, I wrote down something. It's what I would want to hear from someone that would make me know that they love me beyond a shadow of a doubt, but what I could...
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Coward, Coward, Coward

I think I am going to run away. It'd be easy to go away but not easy to survive. Or make a living later in life. I don't know if I am willing but it seems better freedom wise. My...
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Let Love Take Us Away

Days of colorless skies, afternoons void of passing time until I saw you. The prism in your eye spreads rainbows from the morning mist, each raindrop a small rainbow joining the...
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