I Don't Have Any Friends :(

I'm 21 and I finally got a job. But I still don't have any friends. I've never had friends, actually! :( I'm so alone. I work all day and I have to spend the rest of my day on my own,...
2 comments | yesterday by Fenix @NeverMind

I Crave Your Touch Hard

Five years. We have texted off an on. For five years I fall in and out of love with you. But for the first time ever I crave your touch hard. (Teenage-YoungAdult Love)....
1 comment | 3 days ago by ImUnsure @ImUnsure

So Many Creople

My God, 'creople' is an actual term. And it even means what I thought! So anyway, I was just reading a story on here about a man who tried to buy his little sister. An old guy. And it...
2 comments | 4 days ago by AnguisInHerba @AnonymousAnn180

Refractory Sales Rep

I'm getting a little annoyed at one sales rep at work who keeps contradicting and questioning me and what I know from very recent licensing experience to be true. I felt so relieved...
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One Embarrassing Moment After Another

Earlier today, my elderly neighbour knocked on my door. He and his wife are really sweet and often call in to see how we are, or ask if we need anything picked up while they're going...
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This Weekend Will Mark One Year Since You Died

It still hurts. Right behind my ribs is the space you used to fill and when I think about you all the air is taken from my lungs. I called one last time to hear your voicemail...
1 comment | 4 days ago by asdfghjkl @modelrocket

The One Called Cynic

Most people who have been here under one name or another know the name. I don't remember very much about you my friend, other than how much I loathed seeing your name comment on one...
4 comments | 4 days ago by Silent Moon @loverboymoon

It Was Really Disturbing

There are very few things in my life that really haunt me like this secret does. A long time ago I was hanging out with a friend of mine at my house just watching t.v. There was a...
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I Feel Lonely

I wish I have a boyfriend. It'd be so much fun. Meanwhile, like, nearly all my friends are getting dates, boyfriends and formal partners and I am here like, 'well at least I have my...
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What An Awesome Father I Have!

So, a week ago my Dad saw my school convocation for my final exam (because that's how it works here), he noticed that Spanish was in the list. He asked me if I studied Spanish. It...
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That Was Brutal

It's 2:30 in the morning here. I haven't gotten to sleep yet, though I'm still bleary-eyed from trying. But, I'm wide awake now, because I had this intense pain in the left side of my...
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Oh Boy, Or A Chorus Of Buts

Or, more accurately, Jesus help me because I'm so stressed at this point that I feel like I could keel over any day now. High school is finally over. I've risen above that dreaded...
4 comments | 6 days ago by Firefly728 @Firefly728

David Peinsipp Is An Adulterous, Deceitful, Home Wrecking Degenerate

David Peinsipp is a sleazy, repulsive, manipulative lawyer and partner at the San Francisco office of Cooley LLP who uses women like objects and has been serially cheating on his...
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45 Or 15?

Because, insulting other people's unfortunate physical qualities on a first outting is exactly what my boyfriend in grade 10 did on our first date. The heck is with that? Also, what...
19 comments | 7 days ago by Mopy @Mopy

The Lies I Tell

I've always told my mother that I believe in God, you can just assume that I was lying, and I was. I don't think that I'd ever tell her that I don't believe in God, who'd want to...
0 comments | 7 days ago by Beck @pivart

To Be Part Of The World

Something feels wrong about me. Lately I find many things annoying for some reason. Specially people, I have to admit. I had a tough life, my heart has been broken a couple of times,...
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This Might Make Me A Bad Person, But -

. . . But wow, my aunt is so SLOW! Whenever I say something, she asks if I meant something else. Whenever I speak about something I'm proud of having gotten done, she says, "Oh, when...
5 comments | 7 days ago by xXMarvelXx @xXMarvelXx

Riddle Me This Mopy

Q: What's the difference between your job and a dead prostitute? A: Your job still sucks!  Wooooooooooooooooooooooooo! Feel the burn!...
3 comments | 7 days ago by stupid @tstupid

At A Friend's Wedding Today

I attended a friend's wedding today I should have been the one marrying her She got away I have a gf now but I'm wanting to breakup with her My life sucks right now...
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"Can I Borrow $20?"

I feel dirty. Disgusting. Shïtty. Too terrible to live. Stupid. Grimy. Ugh. All at the same time. How nice. :) These past couple of days haven't been great. I need to learn how to...
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