Hahah Hah Hah Ah

So I see everyone, even people who knew you in person saw you as thrash. hahahaha hah Well isn't this surprising. lol Not. Bha ahaha hah ah Drama queen past is coming back to bite...
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I Guess The Retard Is Back On ST

I thought you killed yourself due to your inactivity on the site. I guess that you weren't inactive. You were just too busy using different usernames. That's a shame....
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It Came From Out There -------- Boo!---- ^ ^

And was on my wall in my bathroom the other day. It's a harmless , but can pinch if you put your fingers right there. I put him outside to play. I am now making a tiny leash for...
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Pair Of Love Doves

A couple years ago, we had a family of doves that used our backyard as a nesting ground. They made a nest on one of the speakers using wood from the trees in the park behind our...
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From Ashes Grows Goodness ^ ^

The old man down the road from me has soo many persimmons on his tree this year. And my trees don't have as many as last year. hmmmm Look at all those orange dots. those are...
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Red Bull You Are Good

Well, you don't taste that great and you're certainly not good for me, but you're a cool can of wake-up-Tanya juice. I got banned from an anti-gay Facebook page for commenting with...
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A Day For Nothing

Today, I woke up at eight, grabbed a bag of chocolate mini-muffins from the counter in the kitchen, and trudged back upstairs to bed. I've been here pretty much ever since, leaving...
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It Tastes Like Yellow

How wonderful it is that he and I had separate errands to run, but our paths crossed twice even still. The universe beats with the heart of a romanticist, and maybe it's mine, because...
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I Got Cat Juice In My Mouth Today

we are dissecting cat cadavers in anatomy and the professor came to help us get the muscle separated and he ended up getting cat juice right in my mouth. I started retching and he...
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Fried Eggs Instructions

A wife was making a breakfast of fried eggs for her husband. Suddenly, her husband burst into the kitchen. 'Careful,' he said, 'CAREFUL! Put in some more butter! Oh my gosh! You're...
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I Will Hip-No-tize You ^ ^

I will Hip-No-tize you ^ ^ Another novelty Item I couldn't resist. Usually I see these made of paper , but this one has a very nice sturdy look to them. They just caught my eye and I...
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The Miserable Wizard

Once upon a time there was a wizard who was addicted to magic, the more he used, the more he wanted. His desire for magic was so overwhelming that eventually it changed him. The ones...
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A Place On Earth (With You)

There's a miserable mashed potato sky hanging above us, so it's only fitting that this will soon be our dinner. It's a grey day up there in the heavens and a colourful blitz down...
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Caste System In India

My parents never told me about the caste system. Nor did they tell that I was born in a lower caste. as soon as I grew up people around me my friends, neighbors and even my teachers...
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The Land Of Cuteness / And Halloween Classes ^ ^

I was out last night with my Lady We were going along down the road, and I thought I'd take some snaps of these. When doing road construction work, they will put up these cute...
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Oh! G Gh

Hey I'm heichou how are you today. Have you seen Jaeger? Oh! Brat! there you are let me love you...
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Too High Too Fast

Not a huge fan of blunts. I end up smoking too much too fast and get so high I can barely function. Unless I can get a pipe soon I'm just gonna stuff a cigar with a bit of weed and...
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When She Left

When she left my bed and put on her clothes and walked out the door I noticed something. I watched that crazy short haired bubble bath taking cat lady walk down the driveway and...
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Odds Of Odd

Day started with a daddy long legs the size of my shoulder ON my shoulder and wouldn't get off of me, ended with a black cat crossing my path. Pretty Halloweeny!...
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Looking At Him

I was able to see him today. He was happy - finally. To see him happy made my entire day. The sweetest eyes the nicest smile in the whole world. To love sometimes means love from a...
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