Today's My Birthday . .

could really care less. Just looking forward to this year ending. *clears throat* Dear Year 2015, You have sincerely drained me of any self respect or pride or confidence. You...
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" Just Know You Will Be In My Thoughts."

Every once in awhile today my thoughts will be of you. I Will be craving your hug and kiss. Oh, how I wish to caress every inch of you....
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A Thanks To Those Who Will Never Know

I just wanted to take a moment to say thanks to all the role models in my life, all the actors that have impacted me in such a huge way and will never know. It kills me, knowing I...
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" My Portable Thoughts."

Wherever I go, what ever I do, my thoughts are going to drift back to beautiful you. Just thinking of your amazing smile, and your gorgeous green eyes. I imagine what it would be like...
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K . So You Came Into My Life And Dissapeared Again

I got that.no problem except I would have whished it turned out differently cause I am still stuck on you!...
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Happy To Be Alive

I have my tea to the left, my book to the right, lying in bed on a chilly night. I am just happy to be alive....
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" As The Snow Falls."

Just know your thought of in a very special way. Your beautiful smile always makes me feel peachy for the day. Every time I look into your beautiful verdant eyes I just feel such...
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Moment Of Singularity

Lying there watching, the sun going down on a quiet August evening the only sounds are the occasional waves lapping the hull and a faint breeze ruffling the lazy sail. The sun drops...
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Secret I've Never Told Anyone

the only thing that keeps me from killing myself is the nice little lunch lady that i say "have a nice day" to every day. i've been doing it for two years and she looks so happy...
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I Don't Understand

Boy meets girl. There is attraction between the two. They spend time together. They fall in love. The beginning of something beautiful. Why can't that be my story? No, no, no. Love...
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A Deterrent Example

I'm gonna tell you a strange story, and I will use all my English knowledge, I hope you will understand. But first, let me introduce myself. I'm a 16 years old girl from Hungary, and...
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PHS Freshman Rule!

Molly Leonard is super sweet, hilarious, and the most amazing friend and I love her to death...
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Where Are You Now?

Thinking of you night and day I take you everywhere yet see you nowhere. I am not dead. Neither I am alive. My love fails to be real as long as you don't respond to it....
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Can't Stop Loving My Past Love

I'm currently in a great, supportive, kind and loving relationship with my boyfriend. But lately I've been thinking about my past love. We've been friends/there's something between us...
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The Song I Wrote For You

The exquisite energy you exude, a consistent loving attitude, your aura of white, so visible. To me you're irresistible. Your undying passion, displayed in your unique fashion,...
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A Song About You

I'm sitting under a tree thinking of you. I thought my feelings were not true. I can't find a word to say how much you mean to me, but I got here my pen and paper writing a song about...
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Yet Another Letdown

Well, that didn't work out. At all. Huge f*****g let down. After nearly 37 years, I should have the hang of being excited and planning for what turns into nothing, never mind ever...
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Out Of Control

I am looking out from my motionless lifeless body watching as nearly every aspect of my life is being destroyed. Every night I fall asleep when I'm tired and cannot continue. Everyday...
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Muffin' But A Bum

The anxiety I had towards homework in high school is making a reappearance at my job. I'm getting pretty deep into this job now that a substantial amount of time has passed, and with...
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Title Of Your Story

I am legitimately sitting here right now wondering just how long I'll have to hang out with my friend on her birthday before she's cool with me leaving. I don't want to go. It's...
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