Staff Christmas Party

It was my staff Christmas party tonight. This year, it was a big event, unlike last year when it was simply lunch. It was your basic wedding reception for a salon and spa staff....
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I Forget She Is Almost An Adult

I had some bonding time with my sister today and I realized just how much she's grown up. I mean, just talking to her, I was taken aback by how mature and rational she was. She's...
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Okay, Here's A Secret

I just turned 22 two weeks ago and I'm still not ready for the world. It scares the living hello right out of me. I'm afraid to answer the phone, or the door; because people can just...
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Love Letters I Never Sent

Something about the chaos entrances me. It's like the glitter of fresh snow or the shade of blue that flickers underneath the red and orange of a campfire. Being with you is like...
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I'm Not Good With Gifts

Once I saw my moms iPad came in, I unboxed it, set it up, put all her apps and photos on, then placed it in her hands when she got home. She hasn't stopped smiling since. It could be...
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Not What I Had In Mind

I guess it annoys me when things don't happen in the way I wish they did. I sound childish, I know, but there is a reason for all that. My life is not what I wanted it to be, actually...
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An Empty Gesture

I may have complained about this before, but you know, talking about stuff reminds you. My ex. Going to visit her cost me three hundred bucks for gas alone. Went twice before she...
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There's Something Comforting

About being really sad for a laundry list of "oh that's too bad" reasons- -and then, knocking back two equally as sad novels in one sitting. Both without crying. Now I still feel...
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Stfu About Cynic !

Aight, 90% of people on this site hate him. But f**k it , men its so annoying when all the f*****g day i see a thread/topic wtv on this mother f*****g website with CYNIC ON THE...
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Why Should I Apologize?

The other day at my college I had innocently gotten the last vanilla pudding and the cafeteria wasn't busy so I thought it would be no big deal if I had gotten it. I was wrong. I...
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I Think My Brother Hates Me

. . . Or at least, doesn't like me. He's always accusing me of things. Arranging the dishes so it would stab him; stealing things. First off, I wasn't the one who did the dishes that...
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Willtime Tell Overture

Maybe what happened on Monday and what seems to still be lingering on now will also be all for the best, somehow. Oh, the platitudes! Of all possibilities my doctor gave, this...
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Not Even My Fetish

I am currently in a rainbowdash onesie wearing my sisters bra and two water balloons for boobs after having downed four beers in half an hour. Not even my fetish, just doing it,...
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Stupid, Stupid Decisions

I'm going out with this girl I was trying not to lead on. Why? Well, we were chatting and she began talking about 50 shades of gray. Then she asked if I wanted to see a movie with her...
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Getting Help Soon

I'm gonna have my first counseling appointment soon. I'm nervous and relieved to finally get the help I've been needing. I hope so very much I am able to work through 16+ years of...
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Having A Pet Is Privilege, Not A Right

So, over the past couple months I have seen on my news feed people asking others to take their pets because they don't have the space for them anymore and it makes me mad because...
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Cynic The Fake

Before I leave this site, I want to acknowledge how weak Cynic is. Do not be intimidated by his idiotic/evil assumptions, lack of logic, etc. Look at how Cynic acts when he is...
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I've Been Dashin', Dancing, & Prancing

My go-getter-gift-getting was a spectacular success, today. Not only did I find a trio of goodies for three exceptionally nice ladies, but I stumbled upon the **perfect** present for...
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My Best Friend And I

Life is s**t.well it's not really s**t but it feels that way at times at least. I have to come to terms with my complicated friendship with my male best friend. Outside of not being...
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It's Been Slow Going

My mom has been dating this guy Mark for awhile now and this is the first guy I've gotten along with in her life since I was a preteen. He's just legitimately a good person and it...
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