Baby, Please Stay

You're the first person I have ever met that seems to be on the same level as me. You understand life the same way that I do. You feel the same. You talk the same. You laugh at the...
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Oh :( But Why

there is this game I've been waiting for years to come out and it's only 5$ to have full version and I don't pay for games as play free only mmo rpg mostly but this one I really love...
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Don't Make Mommy Tell You Twice

https:/ or http:/ can tell when I have a little time on my hands .because I then slack off and cut a...
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So, Anybody Heard Of Secrettalk?

That place where you can talk about anything and not give a s**t, get feedback and s**t like that? Here's an entry to throw into it's mix. I wonder if every post and search that...
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A Love Lost But Diverging Hopeful Futures For Us

we went from months of a care-free euphoria to the disillusionment of our love. neither ever admitted to loving the other, but our hearts know the truth. i did not realize it until...
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This Nasty Economy

I wasted 6 years of my life in college, 4 to earn my B.A. and 2 for my M.A. Along the way I interned at 5 workplaces (3 television broadcast stations, State Capitol, TV Development...
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Soul Mates Are Made, Not Born

Saw this in an article. Hope it helps someone like it helped me I am not sure where this idea of soul mate originated, but it is false. Maintaining a healthy relationship is more...
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My Most Beautiful Friend

Well there's a girl, she lives not too far from me. Last night, I popped around had some dessert with her and family. We played pictionary with her exchange student, spoke about her...
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1: I Pray To

A god I'm not sure is real I live in A country I believe is trying to kill me I may be In a relationship, or just insane I'm alone among family, afraid around strangers I fight...
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Sometimes I Think I Was Born On The Wrong Planet

I feel like this world, these humans, aren't for me. I was meant to live close to nature. I was meant to take care of it. These stupid filthy humans just keep destroying it. Or...
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I'm In Love With The Most Beautiful Girl Ever

So here it is. Last year, I spent some time with a family who I am really close to. Although I'm always over at their house, I hadn't spent any real time with them until we holidayed...
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I Guess It's Back

I'm 19. So, for about 2 years I struggled with self harm following being raped and abused. And I've gone 5 months without cutting or feeling a strong urge to. But I guess it's back...
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Soooo Im Broke

and it looks like its gonna stay that way to. No job, NO talents, Nobody cares, No time, No patience. this world was made for only the rich to live in it...
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Buddhist Grieving Ceremony :*(

Tonight after I do a class I must attend a Japanese Buddhist grieving ceremony. For the director of the Kindergarten who passed away this week. I really wish there were a way that...
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Well I'm 24 Now

Still feels like I'm 20 but that's okay, I've always been told that being young at heart isn't a terrible thing. The baby smugglers at work didn't get to me too much, and I got to...
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Somewhat Freaking Out

I was playing with my dog and I may have found a tumor. It could be a wart, but it's really hard to tell. I'm bringing him to the vet on Friday when I'm back in California, but until...
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Putting Things Into Perspective

Love is not something you can ask from someone, the same as friendship. Love by definition is something that you give to others because you feel like doing so. What I'm trying to...
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The Boohbahs Get Gay

I feel like a jackass today. I wore black skinny jeans with a band tshirt to what was apparently a date. I didn't know it was supposed to be a date. Oh. And:...
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Message To Me

Hey you, I was thinking to myself how much you've changed throughout the years. Changing was hard,but it was also necessary.I remember when you stayed home all day long exercising...
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Wow I'm Amazed

Amazed by how many f*****s there are on this site. Humanity is doomed. Everybody sucks. That is all. PS. Sorry if you're actually not a f****r....
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