I Cant Decide

Ive been seeing this incredible guy for 6 months. We began to argue a lot tho and we both maturely decided to break it off but left the door open to get back together if we felt we...
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Boyfriend Trouble - So Frustrated

My freshman year roommate and I met each other through random selection. We became best friends so quickly, but she doesn't go to school here anymore. She lives an hour away from my...
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Taking Care Of Business

My SM cancelled for tonight, so I'm free to do what I want. I was worried I would be stuck at school until 10pm again and I was preparing to get angry. I understand that I signed up...
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Trigger Phrases, Tricky Business

I don't know how to respond to him about certain topics. If I were 21 and he questioned me about the importance of passion and romance, I'd have jumped all over it, thinking he was...
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Well Its 11am

I want to die. I really don't don't want to be here anymore. I don't know what to do really....
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Drama. Drama. Drama

I'm so agitated. My mom's boyfriend, Mark, has a 13 year old daughter who is so desperate for attention that she threw her brother and her friend under the bus, saying that they told...
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Poking The Bear

My sister has been poking me on Facebook a lot. That site sure does have its uses, but that's not one of them. And anyway, it's like she's trying to get my attention; when I am the...
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Don't You Just Love When People Send You Scary Stuff

as your about to go to bed. Well now that I can't get that image out of my head and I am now scared out of my mind. I can now kiss what I had left of my good night sleep good bye. I...
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To All Good Fishies & Snails

Every now and again, you skim the top of the water. You make a splash so great that the entirety of your world is jarred with movement; it quakes. I've seen you catch air on many...
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This Isn't Important

I decided to stop smoking weed this last month of school because it makes me spaced out and weird-- even when I haven't smoked in a day or two. I also wanted to know what I was like...
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Lets Tell Some Secrets

so. im in love with a girl im also crushing on a boy and a girl/boy damn im meant to be working in school but f**k it its the holidays and im sitting in class i wish i were dead...
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Your Envious Wish

You said that you wanted this to happen to me. Maybe I should hope the same for you. Your husband's really kind of cute. And, hey, he doesn't need your problems, right? Just best...
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Two Steps Forward, One Step Back

My weight is fluctuating. I'm back to the same weight I was a two weeks ago. That's a bit discouraging, but not discouraging enough to make me want to quit working towards a better...
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Hate His Family

Me and my partner have been together for two years, he is my first love and we are still going strong. We often talk about having children and Id love to but there's only one thing...
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Dreams Make Fools Of Us All

I had a dream that this guy fell in love with me. I don't remember much about him-- I think he was tall and strong. I have no idea what he looked like. His hair might of been brown,...
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"Don't Dream It, Just Be It"

I believe it when they say that if you want to see a change in the world, you must embody that change, yourself. Think kindly. Act thoughtfully. If the world seems cruel, now, then...
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I've Been So Depressed Lately I Decided To Try New Things

like drinking. Figured everyone blames depression on drugs and alchool why not do it. Am already on antydepressants so got the drugs part down was just missing the alchool. I've...
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Oh. Oh No. Why

I decided to pull an all nighter in attempt to catch up on some Netflix, get some homework done, and fix my sleeping schedule. . . All in one night. Big mistake. I'm starving to...
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Grow Up And Blow Away

What frustrates me the most about this situation is that you two wait until the last possible second to ask me for help. I don't mind helping, as long as you give me time to do so,...
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I'm Just Sick Of Everyone

I have great friends. They're fun, caring, and some of them have known me forever. I should be really grateful for who I have. They should make me feel good, and I should be super...
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