I'll Carry You

Follow me, love, I'll pick you up and place you beside my heart, snugly inside my pocket. There's no need to be apart. Hold on, it may get bumpy, but if we see this through I'll do...
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More Than Words Can Express

You are worth more than you will ever know and I love you more than your heart can ever fathom or any words carefully chosen can express.Though I get you in pieces but you exist...
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I Love You

Yes, roses are red and violets are blue. I know this often can be most true. But then comes winter in its time, and they lose their brilliance sublime. So while flowers are good and...
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"(((( Next To You))))"

Standing next to you makes my heart twinkle. Silently excited I get just to be within your presence. Every precious moment looking into your gorgeous eyes always Awakens my heart...
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F*ck Her ---

F*ck them. I hate them. I hate my life too. I should die in the first place. I really hate this person, well sometimes I don't but she really p**s me off. She's my relative--- a...
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You Are Beautiful

You are beautiful beyond your words. You captured the essence of my soul. I could live with this kind of love for eternity. What more could I possibly ask for?...
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Ignorance Is Not Bliss

My heart longs for you. I burn with each passing moment without your touch. The pangs in my stomach like old aching Church bells. My mind is overcast, do I mourn for nothing? The...
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I Hope Karma

You know what you did. You know deep down how wrong it was. And you know what you are. I hope karma hits you ten times as hard as you hit me....
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Don't Know What To Say

Every day I revisit our story Different shades I could see I could feel the warmth of your love And along with the helplessness attached. Drawing near and moving apart In Golden...
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" ( ( ( ( Sincerely Silent Words)))"

Through the mind that never Speaks a word from the thoughts That keep lingering by like virtual Reality put into a dream of holding Someone as beautiful as there's not a matching...
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Here We Go Again

One can just feel the eyes roll. Another online dater wants to meet for coffee. How original. I'm so unenthused about any of it, anymore. I just don't think things come from this kind...
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@ " ( ( ( ( Sincerely Silent Words)))"

Maybe you should try and talk about your feelings because it's not good to keep this all boiled up. Maybe the feeling is mutual and you are both waiting for one another to make the...
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She's Already Married

Remember the first secret that I shared here? About the teacher that I love? Oh My God! I just read a painful--- very painful words! This happened earlier, I opened my facebook...
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I F**k'n Hate It!

I hate that i'm so use to bottling up my feelings! I hate it! Everything about me is a mess! I hate have social anxiety! It makes it so hard to talk about thing! I hate it. My bottle...
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Through The Sands Of Time

Admiring the beauty of the ocean waves drifting towards the land, I wondered about the journey they travelled to eventually reach the sand. I've always dreamed about taking a journey...
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My One And Only Love

My princess angel, I love you and miss you and am thinking about you non-stop. You are always in my heart and on my mind. There is nothing I wouldn't do to see you smile and hear you...
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I Am So Sorry

about the loss of your beloved pet. My thoughts and prayers will be with you and your bella bunny. You will both have a special bond and connection, even now that they are in spirit....
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Her 11th Year

I hope that it was a comfort to you that I was with you, right there, until your end. I hope you loved me. I hope you weren't scared. I don't know what happened or what exactly was...
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"((((( How Can I Tell You?))))"

These silent words want to say , "you're beautiful in every aspect." Precious thoughts I have of you just takes me away to a place of beauty, and softness. My heart beats with such...
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The Weed In My Basil Garden

As my basil seedlings move on to sprouting their third sets of leaves, I decided to finally pluck the weedling out, tonight. It had been there from the beginning, growing all weird...
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