A Friend Has Passed

And darling you and me, We were going to be free We were those merry few who had a good few things amongst us And then I saw u in that moment……. That shadow of sadness It was...
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When Meeting People Off The Internet

I met this girl who lived near the beach on a chatroom recently and decided to take up her offer of spending the night and doing a beach day with her after having spoken to her via...
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I Met Jesus Yesterday

He was wearing a white robe, white sandals, and had hair like Jesus. He was playing something that sounded like Yanni on a violin with some electronica as background. Then I met an...
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A Simple Thought

At times, I wonder what life is all about. There is so much to learn, so much to do, so much to conquer. Its a never ending list. And one day, you are just gone. Poof! Why don't we...
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Time Heals All Wounds

Time passes. Wounds heal. It has been a week and I've already stopped thinking about you so often. You were my best friend. Not anymore. I'll miss you, but I'm not sorry for what...
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What It Boils Down To

I think it's unfair that we live in a world full of labels and opinions. That in order for one's suffering to be real, it must have a name. If it doesn't have a name, then it doesn't...
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I Miss You I Miss You I Miss You

I miss you I miss you I miss you I do. I love you I love you too. It's all I can do. What could I lose?...
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Keurig, You're Wonderful

Just received some wonderful news, and a celebratory coffee was in order. I'm happy that I got this Keurig. It makes delightful coffee, and I'm happy I got the attachment to not use...
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My Thoughts In Prose

It’s a shame my wings are paper thin: Completely useless in the howling wind; If they get soaked in the rain I'll cry, Because that means that I can’t fly. My antennae are too long...
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I Will Never Forget

I was molested at 7 by my uncle . it went on for 2 years. I told friends, they told teachers, they called my parents. I still remember as if it happened yesterday. We talked about it...
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I Am A Caged Bird

I am a caged bird and this is my story. I’ve contemplated suicide more than I’d like to admit over the past year, and I can’t truthfully say that I still don’t every day. But now, I’m...
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Our Story. I Miss My Friend

I remember the day we met. It was about 3 years ago, on a warm summer evening. I was walking with a couple of my friends and he was walking with his, and at the same time, we both...
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Sad And Alone

You will never know true love until you're away from that person for a very long time. You realize just how much you love them, just how much they mean to you and just how much you...
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White Popcorn Ceiling Amusement

First of all, Im not on drugs. But, if you stare without blinking, a LSD effect starts. Try it. Anyway. Back to the ceiling. It's ugly first of all. It's like every time I look up I...
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No One Compares

I miss you I don't know where things went wrong and we were together for such a short time but it was the happiest I have ever been with anyone, I adored you, your dorky morbid jokes,...
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Some Experiences/people Are Like A Bad Fart

they may be quite wicked and the stench of their memory may linger for a while, but eventually, they will subside....
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Broken Heart Syndrome </3

My name is Allen and I fell for a girl across the pond in England two months ago. I never thought it would be possible. I never forgot my first chat with her; it feels like it was...
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Why Does It Always Come To This

why do i feel so god damn sad i have an angel right in front of my eyes can we go back to what we had what we have now seems like a struggle and i dont want to put you through this...
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Monkey See, Monkey Do

I'd rather be dead than cool. *** I know I'm a different person. So what? You all look all the same and I feel bad for you all. Blah. People are boring....
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Fantasy And Magical Lanscapes

You works of art, you products of enchanted minds, I believe you exist. If such places exist in the minds of others to be so solidly reproduced for our eyes, surely the eyes of the...
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