Yeah, Lets Be Friends

That could work, totally. You convinced me to try the long distance relationship thing with you, neglecting to mention you had a fiance until we were a couple of months in. Not that...
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Freedom 45 - 55

This is it: the fast track, the do-or-die, live or lament. Heading full speed ahead, there are no more breaks in this road. Either s**t or get off the can. Either get on board with me...
4 comments | yesterday by Mopy @Mopy

Avalanche Of Confusion

Good god, I have to say that this is, without a doubt, the most confusing time of my entire life. I just got back home from a pub, a social event, at which I remained sober. Gotta...
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Finally Lost It Today

I finally lost it today. Gave up, shouted, ran downstairs, hid from my parents and cried. I'm a 15 year old guy, I shouldn't cry. But eventually months worth of stress, problems,...
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When The Best Answer Is NO

Have you ever thought you'd like to be with someone but it didn't ever happen and later you found out they were not that great of a person?" She thinks I'm a bastard anyway. Here's...
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Fans' Expedition

I woke up this morning with a little more light in my eyes than usual, I felt so restless and overjoyed. In twelve hours’ time, Baby and I will be clambering off a train and straight...
6 comments | yesterday by phraser, with love @Phrase

Transgenders Are Not My Cup Of Tea

I accept them, but gross. Despite being bi, I like my girls-girls and boys-boys. Not a modified, eww. Good for them if they are happy and really, no need to make so many fake profiles...
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Stop The Effort?

I am have been with my SO for 2 years now. It's the most amazing experience I have been through, however, it SEEMS he is not interested in making an effort. Our relationship is...
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The Worst Feeling

When you see something someone posts and you just wish you could change it. I've been talking to someone for a while, and we like eachother but her friend is a complete douche, I know...
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In My Own Words: Funny, Sad But True

It has been a long time but you are still the same. Our relationship was not a healthy one for me so I chose freedom and you resented me for that. I can't say that I am surprised that...
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The One That Got Away

I meet this boy last year in school and I like him a lot I never could tell if he liked me back we talked a bit at school we like some of the same things, now he's moved to a...
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I Can't Tell If This Is A Mistake

First, you make shady phone calls, text girls I'd never heard of, assured me that everything was fine. I believed you. You lost interest in everything but our passion between the...
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I'm Done With You

I'm sick and f##king tired of your b******t. I treat you like a princess and what do I get. The cold f##king shoulder. They say nice guys finish last. Well I'm living proof. You have...
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Breaking Up Problems

Breaking up with someone you love is so hard. You start off not liking the person for what is happening, and then a week away from the break up, you can't stop thinking about her, you...
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I Am In The Bathtub As I Write This

Tmi? Naah. Anyways, I really feel as if I am about to relapse. Any day now. I quit not smoking already, I've been crying more often. Trying not to care is so difficult....
4 comments | 4 days ago by never coming home. @easilyforgotten

I Love You

There's more than one way to say, "I love you". When he pressed those keys into my palm, told me to come and go as it pleases me, I could hear those words dancing under his breath,...
5 comments | 5 days ago by phraser, with love @Phrase

I Want To Kill Myself

am already on antydepressants and did everything that was supposed to do for years to prelong this but I can't anymore. all I think about is killing myself it's a broken record that...
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Well That F*****g Sucks

A pretty hefty earthquake just hit where I grew up. I guess the downtown area is completely thrashed, and the roads are filled with cracks and pyramids of asphalt. There's nobody at...
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There Can Only Be One Drama Queen

Today, Moose, my new adopted doggy (that I sorta took from my mon's bf), was a bad boy. He pulled free from his leash and ran into the street, coming only a few feet from being hit...
0 comments | 5 days ago by drama queen. @ToxicLullaby

So Called Boyfriend

You stay with me but all you want to do is change me. You always tell me what your 'type' is and it couldn't be more different than me. You will say the nicest things about the girls...
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