More Room Dividers

Finally, I have mostly a clear vision for this living space. I want to separate it into three private areas for respective purposes (dining, living, teching), and that opening the...
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It's Been A While, Eh?

So Joey and I haven't talked in about a week. I think it's safe to say that the whole thing with him is just basically over. I learned Given Up on bass and Good Riddance on acoustic....
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October 1st Here

And last night after doing my classes I stopped off at the grocery store for some food items. And then I was surprised to see this -------- Pumpkin Pie ice cream wow. Hehehehe....
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Don't Rush Or Yearn For Love

Let's just get something straight: I am not the type of person that falls in love easily. Heck I've never even been one to crush easily. I am a mature, levelheaded person who believes...
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Lies Of Inconvenience

When you lie about something out of convenience, out of selfishness, greed, to make things easier for yourself while making things harder for others, it's an act of ultimate...
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Lovely Lovable Love

I want love I want it so bad I want to be in love I want to feel love I want to FALL IN LOVE. It does not seem to ever come by. I want it I litteraly go for anyone now. I want a fairy...
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Having Feelings For My Teacher, Help?

I know this is wrong and weird but I've had very strong feelings for my teacher for the last 2-3 years. (and of course im not going to act upon my feelings) I'm 17 and he's 29, he...
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Idk Its Depressing

He could feel her touch, across his face, across his face He could hear her whisper, he could hear her whimper Her lips on his neck, and then pulling from his face Waking from his...
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Waiting To Crack

In 15 days I give one of the biggest presentations in my life before a crowd of professors and fellow graduate students. The pressure to keep working is building fast. I sometimes get...
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Such Careless Change

This past weekend I visited my beloved home after what's seemed like ages only to find even more aspects of it have changed. I know change in life is inevitable and sometimes it can...
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Thankin Da Lords Foe My Free Gibbs

I didn't do nuffins officer but I gots da strenfth to swipe my ebt. Gibbs me dat for free likes my Obama sail foam n sheet. Gots to gets ready fo good ole NU or prison as you be sayin...
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Lost All Hope

Worthless, useless, pathetic. Its clear to me now that my only escape is dying, Im not going to hurt myself, and as much as i want to, I cant....
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"Well I Don't Deserve It You Know That It's True

But she said that she would and you know I would to. What am I gonna do?" I used to think these lyrics were funny but now that I'm in this situation I find it comforting that there's...
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Good Morning Good Night ^ ^

The days move so quickly for me. Right now it's morning ---- the next thing I know----- it's night. There never seems to be enough time. At least I got my rat tracks done after...
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I Feel High

and no I don't take drugs other then prescription drugs (antidepressants) that barely work on most days to handle anxiety let alone actually improve mood beyond tolerable. But today...
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The Only Thing I Have

To say before I go to sleep is http:/ nighty night. :D And happy dreams ZZzzz ZZZzzz ZZzzzz ZZzzzzz...
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Why Your Life Sucks, No Matter What Size You Are

There's lots of pressure on women now a days to be as skinny as you can be. Whether you're a 12 or a 2, there's always people waiting to tell you you need to lose weight. I am...
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It's Nice To Be Back ^ ^

Back to my house early tonight. Working extra for a new employer on Mondays . But the lady is soooo weird. Always asking me to do extra classes without warning.----- At least...
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The End Is Near

There is a secretive group who would like to make a declaration regarding Islam, much like the Declaration of Independence. I do not have their permission to publish this.They were...
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Repeating Day ~

Lately I realized my days are just repeating i wake up on the floor i play video games, check my email, read, listen to music every day over and over i never leave the house yesterday...
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