A Silly Poem

Star wars. A story set in the future that repeats the history of savages fighting savages with cellular technology. The trickling stars, falling from grace crashing on earth...
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Two Steps Forward, One Step Back

My weight is fluctuating. I'm back to the same weight I was a two weeks ago. That's a bit discouraging, but not discouraging enough to make me want to quit working towards a better...
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Dreams Make Fools Of Us All

I had a dream that this guy fell in love with me. I don't remember much about him-- I think he was tall and strong. I have no idea what he looked like. His hair might of been brown,...
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"Don't Dream It, Just Be It"

I believe it when they say that if you want to see a change in the world, you must embody that change, yourself. Think kindly. Act thoughtfully. If the world seems cruel, now, then...
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I've Been So Depressed Lately I Decided To Try New Things

like drinking. Figured everyone blames depression on drugs and alchool why not do it. Am already on antydepressants so got the drugs part down was just missing the alchool. I've...
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Oh. Oh No. Why

I decided to pull an all nighter in attempt to catch up on some Netflix, get some homework done, and fix my sleeping schedule. . . All in one night. Big mistake. I'm starving to...
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Grow Up And Blow Away

What frustrates me the most about this situation is that you two wait until the last possible second to ask me for help. I don't mind helping, as long as you give me time to do so,...
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I'm Just Sick Of Everyone

I have great friends. They're fun, caring, and some of them have known me forever. I should be really grateful for who I have. They should make me feel good, and I should be super...
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Literally Paying For Past Mistakes

Today, I had to go to the dentist for the first time since November. It was supposed to be just putting my new crowns in but we found something out that caused it to be more than...
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Never Desperate Enough

I realized too late that you're a tourniquet. You suffocate people with your presence when they're falling apart and save what's left of them until they heal, but once they do -...
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His Mouth, Fingers, And D*** Are Magical

My husband is so skilled at using his fingers and mouth to bring me to orgasm. His touch is soft and instantly makes me wet and horny. He is very attentive to me during foreplay,...
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Lost (and Found) At Sea

It was a shock to myself and everyone else. How I took it, how well I was going. Something was different about this time, as soon as it happened. It still is. I've actually had to put...
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Fail And Recommit

I am still too weak. I want to be able to speak up and to not care about what others think of me. I want to be strong. I always try to make people like me but it never really works. I...
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I Think Some People

Are born sad and shall die sad. It's better i think to accept things as they are and understand that sometimes you did absolutely all that you could and after 10years of trying...
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Because You're A Daisyface

Special people are the only ones who can make others special. You're especially special. I like your sunshine. I like your daisy face that was grown by sunshine. You were planted in...
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So Yea I Talked With My Mom About My Depression.(Read All Please)

I sitted on the couch, waiting for her to come home , then once she came in the room i told her: ''Mom, sit here'' ''Why? What's going on?'' I told her that i recently have been...
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This Doesn't Add Up

Nothing fits. Nothing works. I simply can't rationalize living the rest of my life without you. I know you feel the same. I've felt you with me every step of the way. I'm not ignoring...
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You And Me

Over ten years our relationship has progressed. Very slowly, like climbing a mountain and breaking every few feet. Best friends, growing together and apart at the same time, but...
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I'd Go The Whole Wide World

When I was a young boy My momma she said to me There's only one girl in the world for you And she probably lives in Tahiti I'd go the whole wide world I'd go the whole wide world...
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6 Cans Of Soda And 3 Glasses Of Soda Later

It looks like my day is finally coming to an end. A busy day of going going and going from 7:30 until now as a finish up my homework and get ready to shower and get everything ready...
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