It's Late At Night

---- just about 1AM I got home from work a while ago. It's quiet------the temps are going down and I feel good. Having some tea and finishing an old movie I have never seen before...
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Knew He Liked Me

And at end of shift when he asked if got a bf it was clear and I tried to keep my distance but he is so awfully cute and I think I flirted but but not sure as I don't flirt. But I...
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Yes, It's Over

I hope I'll have the strenght today, to deal with the hate. I hope I'll have the courage to confront with my fears. I pray, Give me the power to overcome today, Show me the light in...
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The Little Things

That's what I'm trying to live for right now. Honestly, they are what's getting me through the day anymore. I don't have friends to enjoy, so I guess I have to have something. They...
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Just A Hunch #1 What If The CMC Never Get Their Cutie Marks

I know this site is for secrets only, but I decided that sharing this on an anonymous site would be a good idea. So, a lot of you may or may not know My Little Pony: Friendship is...
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Feeling Really Useless

I have little knowledge for alot of things in life. Be it common sense or general knowledge, I really felt so useless. I've already turned 19 this year and yet there is no improvement...
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T-minus 90 Minutes

It'll be my 21st birthday in an hour and a half. I'm excited. I've honestly been so incredibly blessed to have such a wonderful turn around lately. All of a sudden, I have a family...
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Stop Loving Someone

I am trying to move on from someone I can't have but still deeply love. It is very painful. I feel myself tearing up just writing this. I try not to think of her, but I can't help it....
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My Online Crush

I met another girl on a lesbian forum. We became good friends and started liking each other. I was falling in love with her. I never met someone like that. Well one day we had a huge...
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I Thought It Was A Motorcycle Starting Up

I heard what I thought was the first few pops from a motor cycle engine starting up. The sound came from behind me at park in the city. I turned around and there stood what appeared...
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It Hurts So Much

You promised to love me forever. You said there would never be another. You worshiped my body day and night. I never, ever denied you. When you wanted me, I was there no matter what....
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I'm Soooo Glad ^ ^

I bought my Halloween toys early. No last minute rushing around to get stuff this year. All I have to do now is just make about 20 rat race tracks , for the wind up rats. Those I...
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I Think I'm Ready For Change

My life has been in a rut for too long. Maybe the change of season is a good time for a change of heart....
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Good Good Morning ^ ^

It's so nice I'd say it twice. Stray cat at my door again.---poor puddy Don't know if it will survive when winter comes. It's sooooo scrawny. Gave it some chicken . *there you go*...
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How Can You Be Heartbroken While You're In Love?

I've been with my boyfriend for 9 months now. and I can only say I've fallen in love with him now. It took me a while, but man, it's hit me in the face like an 18-wheeler. I'm a...
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Lovely Lovely ^ ^

The temp is much cooler tonight. Feels good. Now I can sleep soundly.No more tossing and turning due to the heat. Though I'm not sure what to do about my small apple trees that I...
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She'll Be Perfect

I want a girl with ripped stockings, red lipsticks Plays nirvana, smashing pumpkins and the misfits Sarcastic with quick wits Plush lips That kiss me Dark ways that temp me...
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It Got Stuck, But Better Now.---poor Baby Bloop.^ ^

Last week , I went into the kitchen and found a little baby Gecko stuck to the fly tape I had hanging over my garbage container.It was after the flies stuck on the tape. hehehe I...
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The Saddest Thing Happened Last Week

I was leaving my shop and a homeless man was laying under a bench. He looked up at me with the saddest face and said"I haven't eaten in two days". I looked at his thin and filthy face...
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The Truth Behind Worrying

So you screwed up now. And you know that you'll get in trouble you keep worrying for ages and the minute you cut it loose and give up worrying what you worry about happens so you re...
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