I Guess I Just Don't Care Anymore

I really don't have it in me to give a flying f**k about someone who is willing to end their life over a dumb f*****g failed relationship. Get the f**k over it....
1 comment | 12 hours ago by Eurydice @elusivedryad

Hahah Cynic What A Retard

you still have no life and spent a good few replies to disprove it, which adds to the irony. it doesnt matter whether you try to point out my identity - because that would be ad...
3 comments | 19 hours ago by cheesecakefry @cheesecakefry

Can I Leave Now

You only have to work 10 to 2. You only have to work 7 to 2, sorry. Well looks like you'll be coming in at 6 and leaving by 3. Well I drank too much at dinner, can you just stay...
0 comments | yesterday by c-word. @tanyalasagna

99.9 Percent Of Posts On Here Are Fake

as well as commentators. Or perhaps especially them. I warn you. For you actual new people. Most of the post and comments you see are by the same individuals ----- who like to...
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Bunny And I: Epic Snuggle Session

I made a terrible mistake of going to work without picking up Naproxen, first. I thought the pain would be tolerable without it. Only two hours in on my feet, and I was kneeling on...
3 comments | yesterday by Mopy @Mopy

I Like Your Shirt

I made the most popular boy in school blush the other day. I was up on the balcony and he was downstairs and I yelled down that I liked his shirt. And his face. And he started...
2 comments | 2 days ago by kit @ohgoddesswhy

Cynic And His Feelings

Cynic, how long has your mother been a whore? She must be a whore because you act like a whore. Everyone knows whores raise whores. You hate, perpetrate, and instigate on this site....
11 comments | 3 days ago by anonymous user

Blast From The Past

Six or so years ago my main computer took a crap on me. I completely forgot my password and there was no way at the time to fix it that I knew of, so I put it in the garage until I...
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I Don't Want To Live With You

I've been trying to help. I really have. I've done everything I can to help you. I've gone 7k in debt so we could keep our apartment when you couldn't pay your share. You said you...
3 comments | 3 days ago by Altura @Altura

"You Only Know You Lover Her When You Let Her Go"

I'm confused. I love this girl, we've been really close friends for a while now and I feel us getting closer ever day. She's the most beautiful and funny person I know. Her...
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I Live In The Future

Holidays in the US have already happened for me. So when you celebrate Thanks Giving or Christmas day, it's in the past for me. ^ ^ Coffee time :D Good Morning...
0 comments | 3 days ago by TheDevil @TheDevil

Personal News That May Or May Not Matter

He broke radio silence. Mutual friend thinks I should try saying "hi." I'm probably the one who cares the most about reconciliation, but I was never the limiting factor. There...
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A Poem Posted By You

Life. It's only made of one person. Put into many bodies. Called "every one", Because actually "every one" Is just "one" person, Simply put into every body, Which is why we call them...
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So. Am Having Nightmares

a lot recently. or just vivid dreams, none nice. other then the one of me and my ex having sex but even that was a nightmare as it just made me sad. maybe this is why I delay sleep....
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Fixing Christina's Bow

Work continues to consume. This is fine. In fact, I really am happy with how awesome I feel like I've become at it. Today, I had an honest conversation with my SundayMonday partner,...
1 comment | 4 days ago by Mopy @Mopy

Sloppy Wet Rainy Morning. ^ ^ Thoughts Of Planting

Still not cold. Coooool, but not cold. Hmmmm, My neighbor pulled up and took away his makeshift fences that he used to pen the lot next door , for planting his mini farm of...
0 comments | 4 days ago by TheDevil @TheDevil

Love Is Not Always A Lie

It's usually me who loves more, but my boyfriend has me beat. I sometimes feel as if he actually loves me more than I love him, and I love him more and more every day....
3 comments | 5 days ago by kit @ohgoddesswhy

Beautiful Good Morning

The weather is not cold at all here. It's cool enough to wear a jacket, but really not cold like it was last year at this time.---- Funny strange. Been super busy. Have lost to...
0 comments | 5 days ago by TheDevil @TheDevil

A Funny Thing, Life

Sometimes you meet someone, and it's so clear that the two of you belong together on some level. As lovers or as friends, as family or as something else entirely different. You just...
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One Sad Person

I don't want to admit it, but I have no friends. I can see that it's not healthy for me to be so closed off from everyone else. I talk and see my family and extended family a lot and...
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