I Was Emotional At The Time

I'm 23 and I know what I did is wrong but I can't stop thinking about it I was emotional at the time. Me my mum and sister were watching Black Swan, Then we saw the sex scene. Mum...
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Cynic Won't Eat Me Out Anymore

He's a terribly abusive husband and he's lousy in the sack. What was I thinking marrying this quasi-intellectual windbag? Do you know how many times he's told me the phrase "Just...
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Jared Leto Is So Hot He's Banned From National Parks

because he's the leading cause of wildfires. I got funny feelings for him. I want to braid his hair and apply makeup on his face. I want to cuddle with him while reading a good book....
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Of All The Animals I Can Think Of,

cat is the only one I have a problem with eating for sentimental or emotional reasons. I spent the first 20 years of my life living with cats, all of whom lived long lives of up to or...
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Hi, I'm Satan

So, uh, what's going on?...
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I've Embraced My Destiny

I am a cumshothead. Hear me roar. Or something....
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Hey Everyone, How Are You All?

hi everyone, how are u all? just starting to know this website i feel so down :/ i just wanted people ask me how I am but they never do....
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The Virtues And Vice Of Being A Cumshothead

So I've been thinking all day about how someone randomly called me a cumshothead. I've been exploring all the philosophical profundities associated with being a cumshothead. I've...
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Someone Called Me A Cumshothead Today

It's really been bothering me all day. What about me gives off the vibe of "cumshothead"? What does that even mean? It was yelled at me in the street from a passing car. Someone just...
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I Love To Be Dominated And Raped By Women

Why does there not exist a male perspective-equivalent of "Fifty Shades of Grey"? I don't like taking on the predator-like role with women -- that's creepy as all fuuck. What I do...
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No Longer A_Fag

Hi guys, you might remember me as ImAFuckingFaggot, the self-professed faghag of the 21st century. Well, as it turns out, I'm no longer gay. I'm cured! Now give me all them tities n'...
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Reflecting A Bit

I see stories on here about people who want to kill themselves. I can't help but think about my cousin, or whatever he is to me, I really have no idea . . . He (we'll call him A)...
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Everyone Is Trying To Rip Everyone Else Off At All Times

Prices keep going higher and higher, but services keep getting lower, less quality, smaller portions, more restrictions. All the big companies are ripping us off. Have you looked at...
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When You Feel All Alone

If people cannot relate with you unfortunately, they have the issue, not you! Don't worry if professionals or anyone don't care. The whole medical empirical system is totally and...
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I Can't Relate To Anyone Because There's No One Else Like Me

I'm alone all the time. I can't talk to people. I can't relate to them. I don't "get" them. I'm not normal. They all appear to be normal. Even if they are not "normal" they maintain...
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You And Me

One day we make love love and i can see how badly you want me, the next day we cant keep our hands off eachother. Then all of the sudden you pull away you cant do this anymore. Now i...
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A Tattoo Does

not define a person. It is what is in their heart that really matters. So if someone goes against the grain, they are bad because the do not fit the mould....
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So Here's How The Text Convo Went:

HER (my older cousin): Hi, we're going to visit grandpa tomorrow, you should come. We'll be by at noon to pick you up, ok? . . . first of all, no. I'm going to visit him in a week...
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Re: Whatsername So Here's How The Text Convo Went Aelurophilia

Why would anyone want to have sex with two cats? aelurophilia. Double penetration is not trendy anymore Bestiality is typically defined as relating to recurrent intense sexual...
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You Cry, I Cry, We All Cry That We Want To Die. Hooray?

I took the rice off my sushi and made a little snow field on the tinfoil. I rolled the wasabi up into little snowmen, using the artificially made tubed crab meat for the buttons and...
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