Flowers Are So Neat

There are two little daisies growing outside my window and this is the first time I've been thankful to live close to the ground. I'll have my balcony view one day, but this is nice,...
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A Weekend Romance

One half of the weekend was all me and relaxy, the other half. . . holy shït WOW! It may have been just a holiday weekend thing, but. . . Derek and I. . . I just don't know what to...
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Being Straight Is The New "fággot"

I know it's in fashion to be gay lately, but I've been sucking dicks for the past three months and I'm not liking it very much. I'm trying to stay in with the "cool clique" but I...
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Whatsername I Swear, I Fap To Your Nasty Pics And Personality

I'm fapping my hard erected penis until sperm c**s out and it doesn't feel good.`I want to fap until sperm flings out of my balls, like Spider-man's web fluid. I wish my penis didn't...
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My Penis Is Only 4 Inches Long

No matter how hard I fluff it, slap it or stretch it, I can only get 4"1cm, max. It's really giving me a lot of anxiety, I don't really want to show it to anyone because it's so small...
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Buckhead Kind Of Seems Like A Creeper

His constant attempts to get closer to Whatsername are creepy. Just sayin'. -Cynic...
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My Cats Are Better At Getting Into A Closed Room Than I Am C:

Fred watches me open doors, closets and cabinets, then does his darndest to imitate me. My mom is FINALLY becoming okay with them though :) they're really beginning to grow on her! So...
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My Dad Verbally Abuses Me

He also sodomizes me up my anus hole and tells me to "like" it. Please save me from my dad...
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Cynic Is Still Here? That Old Pedo!

A few years ago I was enjoying a nice dump and found this site. Cynic was really in full swing back then. We found out that cynic was caught blowing a retarded child and given home...
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Oh Gremlin My Gremlin

I take back the negative things I've said about my new gremlin companion. His presence, although not wanted, has proven to be of great help. So much so, that I get to spend today...
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Shout-Out To Whatsername

She is thoughtful and gentle in the way she describes people, the world, seemingly everything. She is kind and keeps a good sense of humor with her when dealing with difficulty....
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I Just Love How

Mopy uses this site as her own. Comments about her wretched life. Ad infinitum! Others post and she uses her alternative CYNIC to degrade others. Look at the evidence. ....
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* Hums *

I'm having a pretty good life, I s'pose. The weather is nice. Everything's pretty. I wandered around and took pics of all the interesting trees. Later today, I'll write an e-mail to...
2 comments | 3 days ago by Natasha @Dear

Oh, Get Off It!

You're such a d**k. I know you fücking have more feelings for me than you want to admit. You went to this cottage thing, didn't invite me, then, surprise surprise, you text me from...
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Recap On This Week On SecretTalk:

-Guy keeps sh*t in jars for scientific experimentation -Guy had sex with his hand, calls it "Handy Palmtinkin" -Girl's vagina is so dry, it can fix your phone -Guy sucked 9.5" peen...
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I Am Above Everyone Else

I am Cynic. I am above everyone else. I read paragraphs on Secret Talk and understand who you are as a person without having any minimal doubts. I am great at making assumptions about...
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You're So Shady That It's Laughable

Cynic, I love the fake bravado you get when you are attacked and exposed for the piece of trash that you are on this site, and in the real world. Haaaa! But seriously, 7+ years on...
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My Name Is Cynic And I Am An Alcoholic

It all started many years ago when my dad raped my mom. Thus, I was born. I had a lonely childhood; books were my only companion. As I grew up, I felt intellectually superior to my...
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Playing Suave May Have Cost Me A Good Time

Whoops. He said that he was going up to Dillon's cottage on Saturday for May 2-4 weekend. I told him that it sounded like fun for him. You know, the whole "cool, you get to have fun...
1 comment | 5 days ago by Mopy @Mopy

I Have Four Testicles

I absorbed my twin in utero and all I have to show for it are these two extra lousy misshapen deformed retarded balls....
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