The Strangest Thing Just Happened

I was looking at some vintage style blogs earlier, and I randomly came across a blog posted by someone who used to be a member here. Thinking back to one of her older posts and seeing...
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I'm Chester Cheeto

I'm actually pretty happy I went. I didn't expect this guy to come along, but he did, and the teeny tiny crush I had on him grew 10 sizes last night. He's just so darn sweet. I've...
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I Don't Want To Be Crazy

I was kindly sitting in class (grad school) I mean I thought people in grad school were mature guess not. So the topic of mental illnesses came up and the guy sitting in front of me...
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The Thought Of Loneliness

I am 19. I have never had a date. I have never had a boyfriend. I have never been kissed. I have never had sex. I have never flirted with a guy I like. But I am still so incredibly...
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The Sustain Of A Shitstain

Oh, this is rich. They don't go to their stepmother's, my grandmother's, funeral because of bad blood or some crap, but I'm fully expected to go to this a*****e kid's death reception,...
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Keep It To Yourself

My family is awesome. There's no reason to go beyond that thought. I'm very proud of where I come from, and I'm going to start acting like it....
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How Much Longer Can I Keep This Up?

I can't keep fighting. I feel myself growing tired and exhausted from fighting this. Its getting harder and harder to fight and I find myself losing hope. Im trying I really am,...
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There Once Was

A lady from nantucket! who carried water in a gold bucket. till she forgot The rent was due. And the water bill too then she just said.AWW F**K IT!...
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No Good Deed

no good deed goes unpunished and i'm feeling the full affects of that tonight. stupidly, when I heard my friend's girlfriend talking about how she can't get to work tomorrow morning...
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Quote That Summarize My Feelings

Sometimes I feel like there's a hole inside of me, an emptiness that at times seems to burn. I think if you lifted my heart to your ear, you could probably hear the ocean. The moon...
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One Time I Actually

Punched an alpaca! It totally had it coming needless to say but.he won't talk about my mother again. punk a*s alpacas! WORD TO YO LLAMA...
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Experienced Animal Abuse

I witnessed animal abuse. My boyfriend's sister's boyfriend was beating his dog with a belt and I was there. I heard her barking and whining for help. My bf and me were terrified. I...
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Nice Day, Bugger Brain

I'm smart about nothing seemingly useful or profitable. I am slow. Very slow. With anything important and pressing, I'm slow. I can't retain much information as it comes. I can only...
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Kinda Upset I Think

well today was lovely, I had like no break from all the running around, I feel like I'm just getting more and more exhausted and running myself into the ground with everything. I dint...
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All Who Pass, Living And Dead

I'll never forget how those apartment building hallways smelled. I don't know how to describe the smell. It was like nothing else comparable, but so distinctive that it can never be...
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I Feel Like Crying Am So Frustrated

Not enough was already not feeling ok and stuck at work another hour doing nothing when she said we're only here till 5 and other employer leaves now am stuck even more because of a...
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What I Wish I'd Said

Don't cut, you fool. Use your head. Think. Act. Find a solution. You can't give up; you're worth more than that. If I'd just said something, anything, to that effect, they might...
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All The Single Ladies!

Hay ladies, its okay to be single, I have a great time being single, my bestie and I just went to a club and she asked the DJ to put on a song. Enjoy (•-•) <) )/ All the single...
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Can't You Just Leave?

So, here is the situation. My grandmother owns two houses. One is the family house where myself, grandmother, mom, one uncle, and my siblings reside. It is a slightly right fit, but...
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Well This Got Me Thinking

We were doing yard work because well god forbid our house doesn't look perfect. It's like that in our neighborhood. You compleat against your neighbors to have a nicer looking house....
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