"Let's Kiss The Moment Away."

Oh, could we hold each other for a few moments before I go? It would be nice to gaze into your verdant beautiful eyes; we don't have to talk holding each other would say a lot more,...
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Nice For Me

12 hours of non-stop work. No bathroom, no food, no drink. Just work. So, when I get in the door at 10pm after having left it at 7:45am, I don't want three messages telling me that...
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If You Want To Succeed In Life

You got to stick it to the man: From the movie 'School Of Rock' I love this movie because Jack Black is teaching children to be themselves. 'What happens in real life when one tries...
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“You Can't Relate To A Superhero,

to a superman, but you can identify with a real man who in times of crisis draws forth some extraordinary quality from within himself and triumphs but only after a struggle.” ― John...
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Do I Matter So Little?

My mom keeps spreading my personal business around to those it doesn't concern. I am so furious! Angrier than I've ever been in my life. I've asked her over and over not to tell...
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To The Lake

I'm taking my family to the lake today. Just about everything is ready, we're just waiting for my stepdad right now. I'm so excited that my stomach is full of flutterbys and I can't...
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Are You From The East Coast?

That's the second time in two weeks that someone thought I was from the Maritimes because of some accent I seem to have. Before this, never in my life have I been told that I have an...
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I Have Big Dreams

Before I leave this universe, I want you to know that I will be marching to the beat of my own drum. Do you want to know who makes it in the end! Yes, the little people who walk...
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Whats Up Secret Talk?

how yall doing? been a while do you still have no lives and pretend like you do by posting "cool" stuff to get likes? does Cynic still dis people and remain completely ignorant of...
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Seagulls Are Like Eagles

Drunk people suck. Drugs suck. A friend got searched maybe fined. Idiots hitting on me. And awful f*****g conversation. I cant help but be so judgemental. But yes i can. I guess i...
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" I Wish I Could Tell You This, But I Know I Can't."

I can't say any where, but here that your beautiful, smart, sweet, soft hearted, and amazing is all I see each time I look into your eyes. You have such a cute walk; sometimes I can't...
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You Are My Fantasy

You are my sensual fantasy woman. You are the one I think of when I write. It is you that I think of, dear, every dark and inky night. It is you, who I want to hold; you, entwined...
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Just End Now, Please

Never mind. I accidentally snapped the branch off the orchid while trying to straighten it out more. So, just eff it. The point is everything is broken and if it's not, I will...
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In My Deepest, Darkest Moments,

what really got me through was a prayer. Sometimes my prayer was 'Help me.' Sometimes a prayer was 'Thank you.' What I've discovered is that intimate connection and communication...
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To Send A Letter Or Not To Send A Letter

I am having a sort of internal war at the moment, realistically it's been going on for years but only just now is it seriously becoming something tangible. I'm seriously considering...
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I Kissed Her *-*

So I'm at a friends party. It consist on Me, My girlfriend, Friend #1, Friend #1s girlfriend, and the host (the host likes friend #1s girlfriend). So were all relaxing on the hosts...
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If We Can't Write Our Experiences

here and always have to be punished for it, then what is the point! Control freaks are everywhere! If you really want to do something useful with your life, go and catch the crooks....
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I Have Exactly One Memory Of You

It was my birthday. I remember. I had come inside to dry off from the pool and heard your voice. You said "Can I see her?" Mom blocked the doorway and she said "No." You left and you...
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The Love Words I Write

How do these words I write touch you so inside when I write of my feelings, the pain of where I've been? Are these words for you heaven sent? I write what my heart tells me. Do you...
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Are You There?

To be honest, I mostly call you just to hear your voice. I may ask about your day though I don't have much to say. Each call is just a ruse hoping you'll agree to whisper any tidbit...
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