WARNING: Inflammatory Post

I simply cannot believe people would do such a thing! Seriously?! Who the f**k do they think they are to do this s**t?! Un-be-f*****g-lievable! People seriously need to take a look in...
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Interesting Day, Today

Intresting enough to write about it. Since I broke up with my boyfriend a few days ago, I'm trying to occupate myself with other stuff, like going out with friends and things like...
1 comment | 6 hours ago by Creature @Female

One Of Those Memories

You know that feeling when you experience something like a moment and you know you're going to remember it for the rest of your life. You're gonna remember the weather, the scenery,...
2 comments | 8 hours ago by Withered Daisy. @DaysEye

Dreaming Of Her

Last night I dreamt the two of us cuddling and holding one another. It was so vivid, her dressed in a light grey long sleeve singlet hugging her body. Myself in comfy clothes just...
0 comments | 12 hours ago by ImUnsure @ImUnsure

My Body Just Knows When To Betray Me

Seems I only sleep when nothing important is planned and rest is not crucially important. Today for supper I'm buying seafood; and of course I got just two hours of sleep. I was awake...
2 comments | 10 hours ago by AnguisInHerba @AnonymousAnn180

I'm Trying So Hard To Hate Him, But Then I Love Him

I'm trying so hard to hate you, or to be angry at you, since simply "forgetting" you hasn't worked. I work myself up into anger and resentment, I assure myself you never loved me the...
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Really Just Wow

So this guy shes trying to earn back is trust and love. Hes always telling her in order to earn back my love and trust you have to do something she cant do. If he truly loves her he...
3 comments | 22 hours ago by nova @zerosupernova

Amazing Desert Rose

Ever since I got this desert rose, which was in 2002 or 2003, it has only been growing tall and upwards. It's very long and skinny, now (not very pretty), and the leaves have always...
0 comments | yesterday by Mopy @Mopy

Watching Bloopers ^ ^

Watching News bloopers this morning-----and I'd say that was particularly funny when the news lady gets caught adjusting what apparently looks like a the vibrator she has strapped...
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Too Much Pressure

I have a perfect life from the outside. Sophisticated, respected, and caring parents. Protective, fun, and loving older brother. Cute, adorable, naïve little sister. And me, the...
3 comments | 24 hours ago by Emma @wefariwe64

I Have A Sprout Out Of 30

I am extra happy this morning. out of 30 blackberry seeds one has just now sprouted. I've been wanting to grow raspberries and blackberries but there are no plants or seeds to be had...
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Make The Ordinary Come Alive

Do not ask your children to stive for extraordinary lives. Such striving may seem admirable, but it is a way of foolishness. Help them instead find the wonder and the marvel of an...
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Cut My Life Into Pizza

This is my plastic fork. So as usual my phone is broken and I've fallen out of touch with the world wide web. Not the biggest deal in the world. I find that I'm visiting this site...
1 comment | yesterday by tanyarr. @tanyalasagna

There's A Skunk Who Always Comes Back

Every night when I go out for a cigarette, I see this skunk in my front yard. The way my yard is arranged, is a walkway surrounded by two areas of grass enclosed by bricks. Every day,...
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Im Really Confused

I fell in love with this amazing girl. Ive known her for 6 1/2 months. We've dated on and off. We broke up last month. I get jealous with every guy or girl that has feelings for her...
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I'm Really Trying

NOT to like you, because you told me you just liked me as a friend. But it is so FREAKING hard. Jesus Christ, you are wonderful. I don't even mind the weird things about you. Or that...
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A Message From James Madison (Jay)

Hello. I'm sorry to have disappeared without saying anything, but I have found someone here, on the site, who interests me greatly.and I appear to interest her, as well. As such,...
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I See Stupid People

I mean really if I was as stupid as all these anons on here lately I wouldn't want anyone to know my name either. OMG...
1 comment | 2 days ago by Charmedlilstar @charmedlilstar

Finding A New Home

For years, Secrettalk has been my home. I know there are regulars from that time who still lurk, and those who are here now have been for awhile. So, I keep writing and posting here,...
0 comments | 3 days ago by Mopy @Mopy

F**k It F**k Everything

why is it that you get to be happy with someone else while im here miserable. its cause im a horrible person or something. i must have done something to deserve this...
3 comments | 3 days ago by Like we used too @msmoony