Hard To Relate

It's so hard to find someone who thinks like you, on all points. In fact, it's downright impossible. Just take any random comment thread on the internet. There are people with extreme...
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I Got #MeThree'd

My mom is suing me for allegedly "ripping her c**t" while she was giving birth to me. Apparently I sexually assaulted her while I was still in the womb, but unfortunately I don't have...
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I Got #MeToo'd Again

I was walking down a crowded city street and I accidentally brushed against a female human being and she took one look at me and screamed, "RAPE! RAPE! RAAAPE!" Without even gathering...
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I Got #MeToo'd

About 5 years ago, I said 'hi' to a woman. Unbeknownst to me all this time, she was so psychologically tormented by an ugly guy saying 'hi' to her that she began repressing feelings...
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My Kunt Is Feckless

Because nobody will feck me...
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Life Is Harder For Some

I believe that life is harder for some individuals. Maybe it's the way they grew up or things that happen to them in the past or maybe it's just due to horrible luck. I do believe...
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Only Stupid, Gullible, And People Who Have Everything Believe In God

Stupid people grow up believing in god because their stupid parents teach them to be that way. Gullible people who have no other meaning in their life gravitate towards religion...
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I Hate My Life :)

I hate everything about my life tbh , and no one should please use an example of lives of sick , disabled or supposedly "worse" people . I have my problems so one should belittle how...
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Pace Thyself, Woman

Holy crap, now that I feel that I can, boy, do I ever want to spend. . . immediately. I want everything that I've been longing to purchase all at once, and I want to wait no second...
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Survival Of The Shittiest

How is everybody not thinking about death every second of every day? It's all I think about. How can you make any permanent decisions when nothing is permanent? There's no point to...
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How I Masturbate (f)

I'm female (18) and I'm addicted to masturbating (no I never want to stop) Its been 8 months since I've missed a day with an orgasm. I stay up an extra two hours every night to do it,...
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Derek Drew A Card

From my new Marseille tarot deck. I haven't read through much of my learning book for tarot nor practiced any lessons, but I have handled them, and would like to get to know them....
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Just Wanna Disappear

Lately i've been feeling worthless. Thats it. Sometimes I just wonder how easy it would be to just let go of everything and disappear from the world. But then I feel guilty for...
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I Dont Know How To Feel

i don't know how to feel anymore? I need help through life but I don't know how to express myself properly. I'm young and sad and its not good. I don't want to hurt myself but I want...
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Issues Of Self Worth

My opinion of myself is tearing me apart. It’s never been easy, but now it’s practically war. I’m hungry but I’m afraid to eat. Not just because I’ll get fat, but I also might run out...
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Sex, Sex, Everybody Has Sex

Except for me. Except for me....
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I Don't Know How To Feel

I feel alone, like I am trapped inside my head, its a weird feeling that I cannot explain to anyone but its overwhelming me and drowning me slowly. I may only be young and still in...
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Life Isn't This Hard For Everyone Else

I struggle with even the simplest, most rudimentary parts of life. Mental issues have always held me back. Fear, anxiety, depression. They're a plague on the mind. I can't be normal....
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Man Its Hard

My bulldog died yesterday. We have had her since she was a pup. She was raised with our kids and was a part of the family. I knew she would be with us forever, but when i left for...
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I Grew Up On Movies

Only beautiful people deserve and find love. Fat, ugly people are the bad guys. My role has already been chosen for me....
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