A Collection Of Secrets

Because, you know, there are just "so many fake posts" nowadays and "nobody posts actual secrets anymore" and whatnot. So here, indulge in some of my actual, factual, and confidential...
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All These Fake Posts.^ ^

Wow----- , I've noticed a huge increase of fake posts by the regulars---for their usual purpose of complimenting themselves, curing phony woes, bringing their fake poster posts...
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UPDATE From "Female Problems: Should I Lie To My Doctor?"

So, i saw my doctor today. It didn't go well at all! I made an appointment for 9am, but the doctor didn't see me until 2pm! She was ridiculously rude, and while I was explaining the...
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Value - What Is More Important?

So you're on a weekend trip with family and having a great time. So you visit family friends and family that you haven't seen in a while and while at one particular friend's house,...
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God It Hurts To Be Back

There's a hole inside me you used to fill. Everytime I think of you I get a lump in my throat I can't breathe through. You meant so much to so many. It's been four months and I...
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"Gossip Girls" Need To Grow Up & Get A Life

For someone who supposedly doesn't care she certainly goes out of her way to comment on people's posts and "be on people's asses". Hate to break it to you honey, but you're the...
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Why Am I In So Much STRESS?!

I cannot fathom why I'm in so much stress. Maybe because of school. Maybe I have anxiety, maybe I miss my sisters too much. Maybe I miss my dad or my mother or everyone. I don't...
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Mind Can't Rest Part Two

Most nights I can't sleep Anymore because the thought Resonates and repeats Your name over and over and I Can't ignore the signs flashing Lights so bright like a message calling...
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I Messed Up

The first time we broke up, it was because I pushed her away. I wasn't holding on enough and I let another guy take her away. Now I feel that well break up again but this time because...
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Lord Help Me…

Got back from church a while ago and I'm feeling so down in the dumps. I have a massive headache and I'm hiding out in my bathroom because it seems to be the only place in my house I...
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Gossip Girl Here

I am the one and only person you cant trust on here. Watch out all. I am watching. Be very careful what you put on here. And remember if you want me to spread gossip just comment....
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Wonderful Morning ^ ^

Feeling fine. Things are going like clockwork.------Built my props for the week and have all my material set. My little apple trees are looking very good. Caught some bugs on the...
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Oh Sweet Release…

I've carried a secret, a burden, for quite some time now. It's continuously haunted me over a period of years and it won't truly cease. As much as I wish I could confide in those I...
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The Walking Paradox

My heart longs for love. I dismiss my longings day after day. I accuse others of weakness when I see that they possess the same longings. I silence my heart, I accuse other humans (in...
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Pain Almost Mirrored

A person I know was feeling blue today. There's this guy that did her wrong recently and he ended up showing at the same place she did which made her feel uncomfortable and hurt. Her...
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The Balloonie Princess Clown

Mushroom Kingdom: Cirque Du Toad Tent Inside the tent many Toads & Toadette workers were busy setting up for tonight's circus performance. "Easy there Toads." the Toad ringleader...
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I'm Getting My Life Together

I refuse to be this broken person anymore. I have a plan. Small changes until January. I'll save money so I can move. It won't be a fresh start. I'll still be me, but I'll be the...
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Possible Case Of Psychosis?

Ever since I can remember I have been an excessive daydreamer. Whenever I'm bored or trying to get to sleep I imagine this other world where I am a different much better version of...
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Best Friends Don't Truly Exist…

…unless they're furry and four-legged. And heck honestly I'm starting to have my doubts about simply good friends too. You got the friends you've been close to for a long period of...
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Onto The Compacted Dust

And, when that first layer of dust gets cleared away - the easy topcoat that upsets with the slightest breeze - you then get to deal with the grime that is caked on, compacted,...
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