I Feel Grateful

I see you come and go in and out of my dreams. You are a mystery, an enigma, a contradiction. You are both elegant and goofy. A life saver you have been called. Unbelievable,...
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Lincoln County Road Or Armageddon

It's nice out today. When you step outside you can smell all the little plants waking up around the area. I'm truly going to miss it here. Not everything, but things like this. My...
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It's Hump Day!

Junior year is on day 5 and it is in full swing. Junior year in high school was sleeping in class and pretending to care. Junior year in college is studying until I can't anymore and...
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Gene, You Are No Eugeniusz

Oh, heck, no. My first meeting with an internet stranger will not be a weekend long camping trip. What kind of idiot would even suggest that and deem it appropriate? I really hate...
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"Pssst Come Closer."

Could you hear my heart beat? It beats with every soft sound I hear from her beautiful voice, that echoes across the room. Her cute walk with every smooth step of a special rhythm of...
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A Cheater - (Better Known As A Player)

Why do these men/women commit to someone, if they are unable to let go of their undesirable ways? As far as I am concerned, men/women, who cheat on their spouse should never get...
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Love Or Lose You

I want to love you, but how? How do I know you feel the same? Yet, my heart goes limb. What if I lose you?...
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Did You Know I Still Write About You? You Should. I Miss You

We both jumped in heart first into our own world causing both to shatter. However, while picking up the pieces you mixed some of yours with mine, I did too. I have grown accustomed to...
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I Love You

You have the most beautiful eyes, And a smile that is in my eyes, indescribably gorgeous. You always look so cute in what you wear, even when you don't mean to. But outward...
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Alone In A Sea Of People

i wish i could find someone, anyone, in this sea of people i sit alone in. with only my thoughts to keep me company, the thoughts i fear most i fight not to think im not brave enogh...
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Downloading The Ashley Madison Data Dump

it's like 20 gigs, I'll give more updated information. If it turns out this data dump is legit and I figure out how to read the data (convert to excel or something), I'll let...
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Just Want To Thank Loop

A few weeks ago You said I needed to see help for my depression and I did and I am getting help. I feel slightly better and Im actually finding myself genuinely laughing and smiling...
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Nothing Can Take Away

I smile as I look up the sky and whisper that dreams won't come to an end ever.Showers of wishes will always be in hearts and no one or nothing can ever take away any of its parts....
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I'm Probably Going To Be Like You

By never getting over my lost love. When someone touches every essence of your soul and they know you that deep you have no way out. I'm grieving because we will most likely never...
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The Worst Birthday Party Ever

Six years ago, the summer before fifth grade, I was invited to the birthday party of a girl that had been in my class the year before. I accepted, mostly because at that point I was...
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One Twenty Eight

Stepped on the scale for the first time in about a month, because I thought I was gaining weight. Turns out that I lost more. Yay to numbers not seen since my mid- twenties! :D...
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A Fictional Secret

Finding this site inspired me to write this fictional short, in which a very old man, probably around eighty years old, is writing down a secret he has kept for many years. I've named...
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This Is Off Topic

F**k this week. If I could pick a single instance of time to skip over it would be this week. Just don't need it....
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" An Aura Of This Mystique Crush."

In your eyes I see such beauty and truth. Could this happen in reality or is this just an aura of sweet dreams? My thoughts of you come across my mind, of beautiful images of all...
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These Things Take Time

It was early December, my second year of high school and all my friends were coupling up. Everyone seemed to have found that someone special in time for the holidays. Everyone except...
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