The Day Where Everything Went Amazingly

Wow. Started by finding a toonie, so that I could actually take the bus to work instead of hoofing or cabbing it like I was going to. Dropped a birth control pill (which are the...
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" You're Gorgeous In Every Way."

My dear, I just couldn't take my eyes off you, but I made sure nobody seen my eyes shifting all over you. That shirt looked so sexy on you. For a moment, I wanted to gently caress my...
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Venting Need Time

There's only one person in this world who is welcome to invade any of my free time, at any time she likes, and it's because she's amazing and kind to me, who knows and loves me. But,...
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" My Feelings For You."

We all have bad days as well as good ones too. Days are very unpredictable even if we plan them perfectly by every minute; however, it never really happens that way. I guess that's...
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When Love Is True

We make a beautiful pair when love is in the air True love is heart to heart That's where it should have its start Now I can write about your body parts and describe your bust but...
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" Ended Again"

Today is poetry day my creative mind is stuck,after a long day am sitting here alone but words are not willing to flow though I am wanting to write something but somehow it is not...
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If I Knew For Sure

If I knew for sure that you'd accept a note from me, that you'd be glad to hear from me and everything would be okay. I miss you....
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An Interesting Weekend

My sister needed to get some girly things done over the weekend, you know, pick up makeup and things like that. So I drove her around instead of her wasting a bunch of money on uber....
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Its Confusing Having So Much Hate

I feel like I should be able to move on, I thought I had forgiven you. Yet when faced with reminders of you, I panic and feel afraid. I hate that you still have this over me, and I...
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" Fear To Surrender."

So many times I wanted to gently speak my heart to you with my lips. Can't you tell by the way I gaze within your beautiful eyes? I smile each time your near by. Many times I look...
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Non Stop Dilemma

Sometimes in life, you meet people whose arrival can't be defined.They don't seem real.The visualisation of certain things is such brainstorming​ that every equations seem so...
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True Love Can Conquer Anything

When God created, you and I, We were created from, his flesh and blood. Every life we meet and greet. But this time round, it will be for keeps. You are Alpha and I am Omega. There...
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Believe In Me

I want to lay you down in a bed of roses, look deep into your eyes and whisper into your ear every thought that crosses my mind, all that I feel for you deep inside of my heart. Place...
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" Incompletely Complete"

I understood and felt the actual depth of the four letter word- when I fell in love with you. Love is not just unconditional but a little demanding. as it demands some level of...
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Of Maiden Leddy

Of soul and spirit are my roots, be them biological or adopted, a mystery, I am of maiden Irish Leddy. We welcome our fold into our family. Do you forget this? Do you miss this? Did...
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You Are Unreliable

I've thought about it, and I've thought about again. And again. And again. I always thought that you and I would end up together again one day, if I were to tell the truth. But the...
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My Lover Is Larger Than Life

if they can possess my mind, they can control me, any way they like. They know I will submit because twins are inseparable. Whenever I am in their presence there is so much magic...
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Tonight's Just For Your And Me

Dim all the lights, just light the candles. Let the candles flicker just for you and me. The champagne is open, I'm sitting here wishing, dreaming and hoping you say that you need me....
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Victories And Defeats

No, it's not okay to be so proud. Because, what I'm proud of are things that I should have been doing, anyways. I'm just not used to doing them. And, with an over-inflated sense of...
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Time Stands Still

When I swim deep, into the pools of your, mesmerizing eyes. I loose myself in you and want to stay, safe within you, like a caterpillar, protected in its chrysalis. Lets be like the...
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