I Could Never Forget You

After all these years, if there's one thing I've learned, it's that my love for you is unending. For how can I possibly look away from the beauty of your inexhaustible soul? To part...
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I Want To

be behind your eyes, so I can see everything you see. I want to walk the corridors of your mind, so I can know every thought you are thinking. I just want to be inside of you, just so...
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Until Our Paths Cross

I wouldn't dare to catch a glimpse of you. Surely it would be the last breath I ever drew and you're not even aware of what you do. I didn't have time to catch my heart that flew. If...
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If You Are Insecure About Your Body Please Read This <3

this is a hard topic for me to discuss, it always has been hard for me to talk about how I felt about my appearance, it took me the longest time to realize I'm not fat, for over a...
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It Was None Of My Business

I shouldn't have gone back and looked. Especially, worst of all, from her perspective. Forming opinions by looking through her eyes was the worst way of all to go about this. I mean,...
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When Time Comes

When time comes and you decide to leave Please don't tell me why. When time comes and you head out Just head out please don't bid goodbye. When time comes and you feel you need to go...
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"((( Just A Little More Time With You.))))"

My dear, I really wish I could tell you how much I miss our little chats. Walking into the place just brushing through is only making me feel like we are back to being strangers;...
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"(((( What A Beautiful Dream.))))"

Right before I fell asleep last night, I had my head phones on listening to music; then I took them off, I guess that's when I dozed off to sleep. I had the most incredible dream of...
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**YOU Make Me Smile**

You make me smile Even the times I'm trying to be serious You are possessing the quality mysterious A special style You, you, you, you make me smile You make me smile Even the times...
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My Heart's Keeper

Everyday I overthink myself into a hole, worry you'll find out this or that about me and decide you don't want me after all-- Somehow, everyday, you come to me and ask the questions...
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What A Horrible Monster And Disgusting Sick Human Being

It seems that everyone does it, I know I do. Everyone has their sensitivities and causes and boundaries. Human behaviour can be baffling. People do monstrous things, some things seem...
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"(((( Soon To Be Unresolved Feelings.))))"

Almost day after day, I've written my heart on couple of sites including this one too. Every word I have ever wrote, even what I'm writing now, is coming straight from my heart....
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Set Yourself Free

We're not living in a snow globe Hollywood There's no rehearsal and our stage is an open book It's a landslide we're never gonna ride again, again So let go even when it kills you...
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Lost In This Trance Between Future And Present

I don't know the answer. The correct one that is the best way to go. I don't have any idea about what I should do. The whole process is depressing. I despise the thought of putting...
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Okay, F**k This

This is the last day off I have without laying down roots in Prince Edward Island. I may not be happy with my life here, but that's because I want my life THERE! And, maybe I've lost...
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Come On, Dead Bunny Poo And First-Timer Magic! Do Your Thing!

Today was basil transplant day, like 2 months late. It's not really all my fault. Anyone who lives here can vouch for me that the weather all summer has been complete and absolute...
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I Had Sex With My Sister

every day, my sister takes a shower, then I take one after, because my mom and dad use the other one, but that morning, I had a late start, because im in 11th grade, and my sister's...
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We Want Peace

Imagine peace. Imagine love. Imagine a world where no one heald grudges. Imagine a world where no one criticized one another. Thats a world i want. A world where if you are white...
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Life Is Calling

Okay, so now I want hens. That's right. I want to keep hens for eggs. I want to start with three. Really, this isn't exactly a new idea, all part and parcel with the P.E.I goal: to...
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Life Askewed For Overturned Turtle

I just can't get right-side-up, again. Just an overturned turtle flailing about, or if up, ain't straight enough to stay that way. This world is askew for me, I'm having trouble...
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