Are You A Sadist, My Love?

Could you please kiss me? Just this once. Pretend that we're together, our tongues entwined. with no distance between us. Breathe into me. Wash my body clean of all doubt and...
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I Got A Job. :)

Today is my first day and I have to say, I'm really quite excited about all of this. It isn't something huge or cool, but it's a paycheck. Wish me luck. Furthermore, I had forgotten...
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Coward, Coward, Coward

I think I am going to run away. It'd be easy to go away but not easy to survive. Or make a living later in life. I don't know if I am willing but it seems better freedom wise. My...
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Let Love Take Us Away

Days of colorless skies, afternoons void of passing time until I saw you. The prism in your eye spreads rainbows from the morning mist, each raindrop a small rainbow joining the...
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Do NOT Get Excited

So, it seems that the cat's out of the bag, and I was informed today by another co-worker that everyone at work knows that this guy and I are spending time outside of work together....
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" Mysterious Crush, But Never Vocialzing This Beautiful Thought."

Wanting so much to express this very crush, though can we be on this very same page? That's something I'm trying to figure out, for quite a while. Feelings of attraction is...
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Being Morally Bankrupt

is like loosing everything. Money does not buy happiness. Good health can not be found in a capsule. Peace is found within. Love is the life force that keeps you alive. Do not take...
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Jackson Smiles At Smiles

Even with the topical surface prejudices I loosely harbour, I could never do anything but love someone with an amazingly beautiful heart....
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What Do You Call It?

About a month ago I went to this retreat with my mom. They had a live band playing joyful songs for praise.At my first night I saw this guy who was playing the guitar for the band. he...
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You Are Beautiful

You are beautiful, so beautiful. Has anyone ever told you that? Well, you could never be told enough. The glow of sunlight from your hair, the essence of moonlight from your eyes, the...
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Reply To: Nasa Say Something About The 2nd Earth

It would be awesome if these wonderful beings from 2nd earth, would impart some wisdom and common sense into some earthlings, on this planet. Who knows, they are most likely walking...
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All By Myself

It's so sad when you realize how alone you are. Like no matter how close you are with your best friend or how many friends you have you're always gonna be alone. No one genuinely...
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The Future Is Fine

I want to make love at the Blue Moon motel. I want to walk along Beach City's boardwalk, pick up seashells, and eat breakfast at the best diner in the world. Road trips. Arcade dates....
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" As I Stand Next To You."

Can you feel my thoughts, of how much I want to hold you in my arms? Just for a few long minutes, I wish I could gently caress your face as I gaze into your beautiful eyes, and softly...
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Do You Know?

Do you know that I still think of you? That I still want to protect you? That I wait for the day for us to talk again? That I still miss you? That I realize letting you go was hard...
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I Love You

without knowing how, or when, or from where. I love you straightforwardly, without complexities or pride; so I love you because I knew no other way than this, where 'I' does not...
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On Its True Course

Only the one I love forever can feel the depth of my heartbeat. Others may feel vibrations but, it is not theirs to complete. Only you, my beautiful love woman, can feel my passion...
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I Want To Rape My Sis

Im 21 and my sis 18 im horny all the time and she's so sexy i always dream about her f*****g her in every position she's burnet and have sexy body she always wears short stuff ....
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Tired Of Struggle

Why is my life so f*****g hard? Sometimes it feels as if the universe was plotting against me. I'm tired of fighting, I wish I could pause life for some time. I would go to sleep,...
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Multiple Work Orders For Stock Unknown

Well, it starts. I'm all out of distraction for now, after completely gorging myself on it. And, I was right. I knew there was much work waiting for me, but until now, I didn't know...
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