The Walking Paradox

My heart longs for love. I dismiss my longings day after day. I accuse others of weakness when I see that they possess the same longings. I silence my heart, I accuse other humans (in...
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Pain Almost Mirrored

A person I know was feeling blue today. There's this guy that did her wrong recently and he ended up showing at the same place she did which made her feel uncomfortable and hurt. Her...
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I'm Getting My Life Together

I refuse to be this broken person anymore. I have a plan. Small changes until January. I'll save money so I can move. It won't be a fresh start. I'll still be me, but I'll be the...
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Possible Case Of Psychosis?

Ever since I can remember I have been an excessive daydreamer. Whenever I'm bored or trying to get to sleep I imagine this other world where I am a different much better version of...
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Best Friends Don't Truly Exist…

…unless they're furry and four-legged. And heck honestly I'm starting to have my doubts about simply good friends too. You got the friends you've been close to for a long period of...
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Onto The Compacted Dust

And, when that first layer of dust gets cleared away - the easy topcoat that upsets with the slightest breeze - you then get to deal with the grime that is caked on, compacted,...
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Ewk Nasty Cheater

F**K! Im so fed up of everything and all of your b******t you cheating fat easy bitchcunt. all you do is eat food and go out drinking with your blonde whore of a b***h friend, you...
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I Know My Life Isn't That Bad

But these long work weeks and almost no positive interaction with peers my age gets to me. I feel like letting go of my life here, but where would I go? Maybe north a bit where I have...
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I Just Want To Be Loved

thats all i really want is someone to share this life with. someone to be there for me and ill be there for them...
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I'm Too Late

Today I was going to tell my best friend who lives an hour away because I moved that I really like him so I texted him and we had the conversation going and he told me that he's...
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It's A Lazy Day For Me

Even though I'm takin it slow.I have many things to do and get done. The day is cool and overcast. That stray cat is at my door again.-----I give it some chicken.---there you go....
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Haha This Is Too Funny

ok so haven't weighted myself in almost a year, last time was at the family doc. didn't even had a weight device till recently/mom give me and bought battery for it but only today put...
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Wow. That's Highway Robbery.^ ^

Just got back from work----stopped off at the store to get a couple of items only to see that they have raised the prices up a dollar to a dollar fifty, if translated to USD from JP...
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Backbone Off The Backbar

A response to my product order came in the form of an envelope with money, and a note that read: "Amy, we cannot order Blue Malva Shampoo on back bar, or Shampure conditioner". Well....
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Family Twist-Ties

A while back, it struck me without cause, without reason, and I knew then what I ought to do. Now, I feel that I wont have this chance for much longer. Whether they intended to or...
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Lost All Interest

Over the last six or seven years I've lost a lot of interest in trying to converse with people, or even being around them. I worked in retail for a couple years and that really kind...
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To O Tired

Went earlier home from work. Couldn't handlw noise on that table. If we shall work there tomorrow and from now on I shall quit. I can't handle noise from all directions working in...
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Nose-twitching Twitchy Twitch

He's a cutie cutie cutie pie and his name is Joey. I said I liked his Misfits shirt and he said he thinks I'm cute, how fortunate am I to have met someone like me. He calls me dear...
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It's Late At Night

---- just about 1AM I got home from work a while ago. It's quiet------the temps are going down and I feel good. Having some tea and finishing an old movie I have never seen before...
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Knew He Liked Me

And at end of shift when he asked if got a bf it was clear and I tried to keep my distance but he is so awfully cute and I think I flirted but but not sure as I don't flirt. But I...
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