'Though Much Is Taken,

much abides; and though we are not now that strength which in old days Moved earth and heaven,that which we are, we are; One equal temper of heroic hearts, Made weak by time and...
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To My Babyboo,

Hi cutie :) I hope you're doing well. Well, I have a news for you, which was also suppose to be a surprise for you. I wish I could write it here, but I won't and I can't. The reason...
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Heart Be Still

If I were to tell the truth, I started this just to get things off my chest or to post things I rather not talk to others about. You know, the selfish me me me thing. But it wasn't...
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Is It Worth It?

Is it somehow worth it to write my words on here to express my love, my thoughts? Could they touch your heart sometime? And if they do touch you, what good is it, I wonder? Would you...
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Do You Know I Love You?

Yes, I am talking to wonderful You. Have you realised how great you are, walking with a smile that never goes away? Filling every day with so much of love and warmth; how graciously...
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Love Be Damned

What am I supposed to think when you're just there, blatantly ignoring me, while talking to others? Do you really think that my sympathy and compassion entails this? Just because I...
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" Beautiful Is Who You Are."

Your dear smile awakes my heart. I hope soon we can finally expose this secret face to face. No one could never know, just you and I. Oh, how much I really wish to show you how much...
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Getting Music High?

Does anyone else gets affected by songs like I do? There will be certain songs that just makes my heart pound faster and I can feel it coursing through my veins. I'll get a surge of...
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Let Me Break Out Of This Matrix

I will be the first one running to you. Your reassuring smile. Your comforting words. A long deserving embrace. A remedy for the weak and weary. You know how to satisfy the needs of...
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You And I

are like moths attracted to a flame. Once we get close to that flame, we get addicted to the light. If we get to close to the flame, and it's hot, it will lead to our demise. It seems...
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To My Baby,

You know you have my heart, don't you? One day you will. I feel so tired right now. I hope you're doing well. Sometimes I wonder how you look like. What's your physical appearance...
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You Are Truly Adorable

I just smile to see your linguistic skills and development. Just wanna hug you for that.You are simply irresistible. I adore you for all your efforts :)...
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Reply To Man On The Corner

Run fast to me, I will cheer your world up. But if you are okay that way you let me know too....
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Man On The Corner

See the lonely man there on the corner, What he's waiting for, I don't know. But he waits every day now. He's just waiting for something to show. And nobody knows him, and nobody...
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There Is Nothing More

to say or do. Watching life go by, is as amusing as watching the clouds go by. Actually, I dont mind looking up at the heavens, for this is a time my mind, unwinds. People everywhere,...
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Throw Me Away

I was asked what I want to do with my life *twice* today. I still don't have the answer to this question after so many years of deliberation. For so long I was so sure that I knew...
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Crazy Crap Dance

I've been feeling so messed up about myself, especially today, because I made a huge mistake that I never made before, PRIDE myself in not ever making. But, not just that, everything...
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I Never Want To Come Back Into This Universe Again

The people I have met throughout my journey, have been unsupporive and unwelcoming. Wherever I have gone, I have been made to feel like I don't belong. Even the family I married into...
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Dillon The Dildo

So what? It's okay to go ranting about Derek to you, but the instant it's me raving about him, you go haywaire? It's not really random, as you said. YOU bring up he and I all the time...
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Femdom Is Absurd

I like the idea of freedom and become aroused by it,although this is not the only role-playing I like but it's one of my favorites,but to reasonable extent I think it is a flip side...
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