Haha This Is Too Funny

ok so haven't weighted myself in almost a year, last time was at the family doc. didn't even had a weight device till recently/mom give me and bought battery for it but only today put...
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Wow. That's Highway Robbery.^ ^

Just got back from work----stopped off at the store to get a couple of items only to see that they have raised the prices up a dollar to a dollar fifty, if translated to USD from JP...
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Backbone Off The Backbar

A response to my product order came in the form of an envelope with money, and a note that read: "Amy, we cannot order Blue Malva Shampoo on back bar, or Shampure conditioner". Well....
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Family Twist-Ties

A while back, it struck me without cause, without reason, and I knew then what I ought to do. Now, I feel that I wont have this chance for much longer. Whether they intended to or...
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Lost All Interest

Over the last six or seven years I've lost a lot of interest in trying to converse with people, or even being around them. I worked in retail for a couple years and that really kind...
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To O Tired

Went earlier home from work. Couldn't handlw noise on that table. If we shall work there tomorrow and from now on I shall quit. I can't handle noise from all directions working in...
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Nose-twitching Twitchy Twitch

He's a cutie cutie cutie pie and his name is Joey. I said I liked his Misfits shirt and he said he thinks I'm cute, how fortunate am I to have met someone like me. He calls me dear...
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It's Late At Night

---- just about 1AM I got home from work a while ago. It's quiet------the temps are going down and I feel good. Having some tea and finishing an old movie I have never seen before...
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Knew He Liked Me

And at end of shift when he asked if got a bf it was clear and I tried to keep my distance but he is so awfully cute and I think I flirted but but not sure as I don't flirt. But I...
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Yes, It's Over

I hope I'll have the strenght today, to deal with the hate. I hope I'll have the courage to confront with my fears. I pray, Give me the power to overcome today, Show me the light in...
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The Little Things

That's what I'm trying to live for right now. Honestly, they are what's getting me through the day anymore. I don't have friends to enjoy, so I guess I have to have something. They...
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Just A Hunch #1 What If The CMC Never Get Their Cutie Marks

I know this site is for secrets only, but I decided that sharing this on an anonymous site would be a good idea. So, a lot of you may or may not know My Little Pony: Friendship is...
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Feeling Really Useless

I have little knowledge for alot of things in life. Be it common sense or general knowledge, I really felt so useless. I've already turned 19 this year and yet there is no improvement...
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T-minus 90 Minutes

It'll be my 21st birthday in an hour and a half. I'm excited. I've honestly been so incredibly blessed to have such a wonderful turn around lately. All of a sudden, I have a family...
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Stop Loving Someone

I am trying to move on from someone I can't have but still deeply love. It is very painful. I feel myself tearing up just writing this. I try not to think of her, but I can't help it....
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My Online Crush

I met another girl on a lesbian forum. We became good friends and started liking each other. I was falling in love with her. I never met someone like that. Well one day we had a huge...
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I Thought It Was A Motorcycle Starting Up

I heard what I thought was the first few pops from a motor cycle engine starting up. The sound came from behind me at park in the city. I turned around and there stood what appeared...
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It Hurts So Much

You promised to love me forever. You said there would never be another. You worshiped my body day and night. I never, ever denied you. When you wanted me, I was there no matter what....
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I'm Soooo Glad ^ ^

I bought my Halloween toys early. No last minute rushing around to get stuff this year. All I have to do now is just make about 20 rat race tracks , for the wind up rats. Those I...
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I Think I'm Ready For Change

My life has been in a rut for too long. Maybe the change of season is a good time for a change of heart....
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