He Took The Bait

I loved my boyfriend very much and I thought he loved me to. So my parents had grounded me and taken my phone so I borrowed my younger sister's iPad to kik him, but I forgot to log...
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D-D-D O N ' T S T O P , B E L I E V I N G !

My snorlax keeps trying to eat my toes. I think he thinks that they are berries. I have been trying to starve him to death, but the tub tub will not die. I have also been feeding the...
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Death At The Kindergarten

Yesterday I was told the old director of one of the kindergartens that I go to has died. He was battling cancer and lost. As much as I liked the old dude , I sure hope they don't...
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This S***s Weird

Its weird when you start to see things from a different point of view as you mature in life isn't it?...
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I Wish This Ended Differently

Sitting at the hospital, watching my mother slowly slip away is the hardest thing I've ever had to experience. I can't begin to describe how much it hurts, this is the woman who...
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For Those Considering A Job In Fast Food

I do not guarantee the integrity of these observations; believe what you will. Fast food is like any other job which you have no interest in being at: boring at best and miserable at...
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Flies In My Nose ^ ^

every night now .tiny little bitty flies are getting through the mesh screen and into my nose when I try to sleep.----lookin for a salty treat I guess. eeewwww. hehehe I have fly...
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Never Mi Nd,

I had People use me in terms of satisfying my sexual needs without the emotional part duo to lying and not telling me what they want from the start. But never anything even...
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Should I Tell Her?

A friend of mine is being chased after by a guy. Everyone says they should go out and that they would make a good couple but there is something not right about him I don't trust him...
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Ratos De PorĂ£o

I just came back from a small rock concert here in my town.Carl was there and I found out that he's dating a girl and going out with another.And I didn't give a s**t about it.Guess I...
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Ruined My Zen

F u and your family too just another person I had to burn knew you were grimy you two faced whore did not expect you to teach your kids those same s**t values the will be just as...
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Wo O W

seriously just wow. Why do I keep taking chances on bad people? why do they play it good then turn on you? and they say women do that but I have only meet passive aggressive men who...
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We Kissed :)

And idk what this means. But I liked it. How I've missed kissing him and seeing him. I hope things work out...
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Why Cant SecretTalk Be Different?

I signed up for whisper, and the people on it were so nice and understanding. Nobody ever said anything to make anyone sad or mad. Everyone would always be nice to one another, not...
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RE: Why Can't Secrettalk Be Different

one member posted a topic ' Why can't secrettalk be different' answer: cough fart CYNIC cough MOPY cough TOXICLOLABY cough fuzzysad cough fart...
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Doubters, Take Note

Rue and I have, at this point, remained together since she moved here. Just renewed our lease for the 3rd year. Of course, this probably doesn't matter to the folks here now, since...
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I Love You All

I don't know why I am so desperate for a guy. But I'm cutting the bull I have realized that no man can ever love me as much as I can love myself, even though this is anon in a way I...
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It's Gonna Be A Hot Day , Blah. ^ ^

Even though it's my day off I will have to sort and put into plastic sleeves hundreds of pieces of papers (mini lessons) to go with CD's ----to give to certain classes as they break...
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Why Only In Movies

You can post online a request for pshycopaths to come and kill you and it will happen. But if I was to request and give adress (Israel, Ashdod, Henrietta szold 4) and request that...
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Fly, Be Free

The dreams i had, they fade away. I start anew. If there's one thing I could change. It'd be time with you. I made a mistake, falling for you. My dear. I long to be with you, but...
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