Food Issues 1

This is my first post on secrettalk! So please be nice. I'll do this same. I'm interested to see what this secret sharing community is like. I hope it's a kind one. I am a recovered...
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Am I Bipolar, Insecure, Or Just Plain Crazy?

Do normal people change their mood in an instant when dealing with a lover? Go from mad to ecstatic in an instant as if the lover never committed a "crime"? Is it denial, delusion, or...
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" Could We Take A Stroll?"

Let's talk on the way, I want to listen to all you want to say. Let's talk about anything and every thing. Let's gaze into each others eyes, while we kiss all through the few moments...
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My Friendzone Story

I don't know how it started, i just woke up one day feeling happier than usual thinking about you. I guess it started last February this year-the first time i saw you. You were...
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This Is Numbness

I can't keep going on like this. I need the memory of you erased from my mind. It would be preferable to drift through life not feeling anything than to feel this emptiness everyday...
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Ever Been Sad?

I'm pretty down. Have been for a while. Depression sucks. One mean b***h. Feels like nothing is worth the effort. Just a crawl towards the finish. Ever played those old dungeon...
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Another Whiny Secret

I don't know why I'm not over him. First it was her; she was the sun in my sky, the only reason I continued to return to that toxic situation. And then I left, and then she left. She...
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Can I Ever Tell You?

I'm in love with you. I don't know why I feel this way. It's wrong. I shouldn't be feeling this. But I am. You light up my world. My dark world where no-one sees the real me. But...
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You Are Worth It

I am rather confused as to why you never responded to my emails. I guess no answer is my answer. Oh, well, you can't win if you don't play and I just had to throw in one last "I love...
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Mother Eff, This Is So Confusing And Frustrating!

Just shimmied on home from another cuddle night with neighbour. I wasn't expecting anyone, last night, so I was content to be all stubbly and a wee greasy, so I wasn't prepared,...
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How Close Was I?

I wonder how close was I to getting your number that night; how close was I to getting a kiss from you; how close was I to knowing your scent; how close was I to a second date; how...
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You Are Pointing

the finger at yourself when you call me a c**t! Do you proclaim to be better than me? You could have fooled me! Look at yourself in the mirror and ask yourself if you are the very...
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Is This OSHA Standard

The bad moment is on day 2. It's so hard being in my head. I am constantly in pain unless I find a way to distract my mind. It is not safe to be left with myself and a room full of...
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It Would Have Been Easy

if we were just having sex. It would have been easy to say goodbye, cut ties, leave and disappear. but no, we had to be intimate. intimate in a sense where we'd talk at 3am about our...
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Beyond Every Thing

let us the darkness like two shadows dancing unaware of the world of light and wisdom. let us meet like two fools ignorant to every idea of right and wrong. let us meet...
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Saved By The Chinese Food

at work this morning, in the break room staring at a vending machine, looking to get some OJ. I feel a fart coming on and I look around to make sure no one is around. By myself, I...
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To The Boy Who Sails

I met you, and suddenly I knew what those love songs meant. I met you, and suddenly I knew why those sad songs meant....
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Summer Of Romantic Clusterfuckery

For doing such a great job at work, I am rewarded by having to come in on my day off, today. I was supposed to go laser tagging with my staff, tonight, and it's going to be terrible...
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I Don't Care To Care.-Poem

So that is when I have shrunken in size and submerged myself into the streams of time inorder to be carried on. I have given up. Whatever time that lay ahead I no longer decide to...
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"Just Before I Walk Out The Door, I Just Want To Say,"

Your beautiful in every way. You have such nice curves especially your assss." I just can't help looking at it. ...
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