I Have To Stay High All The Time

I love seeing the way his eyes light up when he talks about his art. I love how fascinated he is with self-destruction and lethal lifestyles. I love the way he can get lost listening...
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Funny Mini Apples ^ ^

of some kind I was given these by a friend of a friend. They taste like apples but have a huge seed in the middle. http:/
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Why I'm Not A Chef

I hate the taste of coffee, so when I have a cup, I drown it in creamer. Healthy, right? But yesterday, I didn't have any creamer, and I really didn't feel like going out, so, with a...
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Just Too Careful

I think maybe I'm just too careful. Maybe that's why I've never gotten anywhere. And I'm trying really hard to not be careful all the time, but to also not be stupid, but the line...
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The Eating Disorder

A few years ago I started looking in the mirror a little more than I should have been, and decided that I didn't like what I saw. I started skipping breakfast and lunch. At dinner, I...
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My Armor Needs Oiling. ^ ^

Even on my day off I have soo much to do , chores and stuff needed for my school/ classes.etcetera. One thing I need to do for me is oil my armor. Got get my heavy black leather...
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It's A Tough Way

Every day I feel differently than the day I do before. What I'll be passionate about one day dies down pretty quickly before I'm wrapped up in something else within the next. It makes...
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Studies In Uni Life

I really have no idea what to do in my life. I tried studying and studying over and over again but things are not just cutting out in my life. Sometimes i just feel so useless and...
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Left Alone, Too Aloneā€¦

When you come to the realization that you don't really have any friends, no one you can reach out to, where does that leave you? Normally I don't mind flying solo; that's the way I...
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This One Is Funny

This is a dog toy / soccer ball I got for the class room http:/ It is just funny to me how they put this one sentence on it. "Sound Comes out by...
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Got Any Ideas?

I've tried keeping a written log as a form of venting as well as using this site, but I'm looking for another option (perhaps a better one?). Any suggestions?...
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Fake It All-----What If. ^ ^

What if the person you have been talking to for a long time is totally fake. What if everything they've presented is taken from someone else's life. What if they broke into their...
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Maybe It's Not That Odd

I'm six foot tall, I'm slightly overweight, and I've never played a sport longer than a couple hours that wasn't a video game. I don't stretch, I don't workout. I tried yoga once and...
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Another Weird. Crazy

dream. A year ago I deamt of a old crush, except I never made a move she is dating someone else. Last night, I had a dream of her bf. Wtf was that all about, i met the guy once way...
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I'm Losing It

Each passing day I lose a bit of myself and I'm afraid I can no longer be patient. Something has to happen and it's only a matter of time before I snap. I think of what lead to this...
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Ok. One Last Time :D

Ok. One last time It kind of warmed up today while I was out so I decided to buy a couple of more ice cream treats. two of these. yes , yes. http:/
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Calendars Equal Progress

Buying a calendar was probably the smartest thing I've done in a while. Seeing how I spend 19 hours in a bed either watching tv, playing games, eating, or masturbating, I can't say...
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Me, I Guess

It stinks. Being skinny, y'know? Like, most girls complain about being fat or having uneven eyebrows and stuff like that. Not me. I'm super skinny and I'm not gonna lie- it sucks. I...
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I Crave You

Your hands are what I miss the most. When you put them on my hips and slowly slid them up (and sometimes down), I would shiver from delight. When you would gently caress my face. Even...
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That One Guy

You always think about all day everyday even without you noticing it he is always there at the back of your thoughts. The guy that could do anything and everything wrong and you would...
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