Maybe There's More

"Go ahead! Feel my knee bone! Isn't it weird, to not be able to feel someone else's knee? We're just flesh and bones. That's all we are!" We grinned at eachother as she made a...
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My Dream Life

One day, I will live next to a Dairy Queens' on the beach with my dog where I surf and there are no chicken products within a 30 km radius. I will live in a small crime-free city...
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I Was Told Once --

That I should never correct a man. I remember that day, we were out and about and you said something ridiculous and I told you that you were wrong. I remember how it felt when you...
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A Friend Has Passed

And darling you and me, We were going to be free We were those merry few who had a good few things amongst us And then I saw u in that moment……. That shadow of sadness It was...
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When Meeting People Off The Internet

I met this girl who lived near the beach on a chatroom recently and decided to take up her offer of spending the night and doing a beach day with her after having spoken to her via...
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I Met Jesus Yesterday

He was wearing a white robe, white sandals, and had hair like Jesus. He was playing something that sounded like Yanni on a violin with some electronica as background. Then I met an...
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A Simple Thought

At times, I wonder what life is all about. There is so much to learn, so much to do, so much to conquer. Its a never ending list. And one day, you are just gone. Poof! Why don't we...
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Time Heals All Wounds

Time passes. Wounds heal. It has been a week and I've already stopped thinking about you so often. You were my best friend. Not anymore. I'll miss you, but I'm not sorry for what...
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What It Boils Down To

I think it's unfair that we live in a world full of labels and opinions. That in order for one's suffering to be real, it must have a name. If it doesn't have a name, then it doesn't...
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I Miss You I Miss You I Miss You

I miss you I miss you I miss you I do. I love you I love you too. It's all I can do. What could I lose?...
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Keurig, You're Wonderful

Just received some wonderful news, and a celebratory coffee was in order. I'm happy that I got this Keurig. It makes delightful coffee, and I'm happy I got the attachment to not use...
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My Thoughts In Prose

It’s a shame my wings are paper thin: Completely useless in the howling wind; If they get soaked in the rain I'll cry, Because that means that I can’t fly. My antennae are too long...
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I Will Never Forget

I was molested at 7 by my uncle . it went on for 2 years. I told friends, they told teachers, they called my parents. I still remember as if it happened yesterday. We talked about it...
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I Am A Caged Bird

I am a caged bird and this is my story. I’ve contemplated suicide more than I’d like to admit over the past year, and I can’t truthfully say that I still don’t every day. But now, I’m...
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Our Story. I Miss My Friend

I remember the day we met. It was about 3 years ago, on a warm summer evening. I was walking with a couple of my friends and he was walking with his, and at the same time, we both...
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Sad And Alone

You will never know true love until you're away from that person for a very long time. You realize just how much you love them, just how much they mean to you and just how much you...
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White Popcorn Ceiling Amusement

First of all, Im not on drugs. But, if you stare without blinking, a LSD effect starts. Try it. Anyway. Back to the ceiling. It's ugly first of all. It's like every time I look up I...
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No One Compares

I miss you I don't know where things went wrong and we were together for such a short time but it was the happiest I have ever been with anyone, I adored you, your dorky morbid jokes,...
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Some Experiences/people Are Like A Bad Fart

they may be quite wicked and the stench of their memory may linger for a while, but eventually, they will subside....
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Broken Heart Syndrome </3

My name is Allen and I fell for a girl across the pond in England two months ago. I never thought it would be possible. I never forgot my first chat with her; it feels like it was...
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