How You See Me Astonishes Me

What you wrote the night before really made me think. You caught me by surprise with those (silent) words, so beautiful. I've never captured those feelings and felt that they were...
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Ask The Impossible? Pay The Impossible!

I'm living at work. The overwhelming amount of deals that I have to split and fund that I'm supposed to do within a day from delivery, but absolutely by end of month, the dozens upon...
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" Behind Silent Words." (opaque)

I see the most beautiful person in you. As I couldn't even for a second, see you as awkward in any way. Every word you say has a very special meaning that touches my heart in so many...
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If I Gave You My Heart

If I gave you my heart, would you hold it close, cradle it in the palm of your hand or would you crush it, leaving me where I stand? Would you cherish it? Would you give me yours too?...
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Feeling A Bit Lost

Missing someone so deeply and yet IMPOSSIBLE to find in any search, how did it get to the point that you disappeared from the world. My world. Thinking back we should have done it...
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Reply To: Feeling A Bit Lost

I believe you are being too harsh on yourself. You both felt something, when you met and had to go your separate ways to better understand the connection, for what it is. Have you...
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" Within That Moment,"

I looked around the room, not a sight of beautiful you. I guess you left as I thought at that moment . I haven't glanced the beauty of you before you left for the day. I said in my...
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Me, Us, Together

You know that I'm awkward and my every word comes out so wrong. You know that I laugh too loud and all I do is hide behind my emotions. All I want is for you to see me, amazingly...
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Okay, That's Enough, Now

After whatever this is with Dan, I'm done having casual sex. Unless I'm forgetting one, I'm almost into double digits regarding how many sexual partners I've had. I seem to acquire...
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At Night When

the city is sleeping, I go into the movie theatre, Of my mind, And create, A serene, secluded and picturesque landscape. This is the place where, You and I connect. I see you in the...
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I Don't Know Why

Back story, me and my boyfriend's relationship is perfect - everything is shared, talked about and communicated no matter what it is. Unfortunately, when it comes to sex. I'm a bit of...
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This Is How It Begun

Here he is, lying on his bed with a million questions in his mind and there she is, completely free from any vows. He'd have never thought he would have been feeling this right now or...
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When I Stared Into

your mesmerising eyes, It was like, Looking at myself. I stood before you, Naked and unmasked. You opened up my eyes, And came to me in my dreams. You knew me, And somehow I knew...
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Broke Up With Boyfriend Of 2 Years

I have mental health issues, anxiety and depression, which have been peaking lately. I suggested we should break up cause I felt like I wasn't being good to him. I feel like I'm a...
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Stand By My Woman

There were times I wasn't kind And there were times I wasn't even around And there were times I made you cry So many times I had to say goodbye When you want to talk I'm on the...
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With Every Word You Say

With every word you whisper, every time I hear your voice, every smile you have, every taste of your lips, every caress of your hands, every stare into your eyes, every tight squeeze,...
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S3 E10

"I'm sorry, alright? I screwed up. I know I screwed up. I don't know why." "Oh, great. Of course! Here it comes! You can't keep doing s****y things and then feel bad about yourself...
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"Six O'clock In The Morning,

wipe the sleep from my eyes, felt just like an ordinary day. Just around the corner, such a surprise, a beautiful angel materialized. Time stood still, face to face, I'm sure we'd met...
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July Twenty Second

I feel so stupid because I keep hoping that you'll come back to me, hoping against hope, when clearly that isn't the case. You don't like me like I like you, but I can't get that...
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Explosions At The Humble Abode

After pretending via text yesterday to be supportive of my Tuesday night's scoring, Derek sure sung a different tune last night when I visited him after my date. F****r even invited...
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