Buddhist Grieving Ceremony :*(

Tonight after I do a class I must attend a Japanese Buddhist grieving ceremony. For the director of the Kindergarten who passed away this week. I really wish there were a way that...
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Well I'm 24 Now

Still feels like I'm 20 but that's okay, I've always been told that being young at heart isn't a terrible thing. The baby smugglers at work didn't get to me too much, and I got to...
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Somewhat Freaking Out

I was playing with my dog and I may have found a tumor. It could be a wart, but it's really hard to tell. I'm bringing him to the vet on Friday when I'm back in California, but until...
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Putting Things Into Perspective

Love is not something you can ask from someone, the same as friendship. Love by definition is something that you give to others because you feel like doing so. What I'm trying to...
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The Boohbahs Get Gay

I feel like a jackass today. I wore black skinny jeans with a band tshirt to what was apparently a date. I didn't know it was supposed to be a date. Oh. And:...
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Message To Me

Hey you, I was thinking to myself how much you've changed throughout the years. Changing was hard,but it was also necessary.I remember when you stayed home all day long exercising...
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Wow I'm Amazed

Amazed by how many f*****s there are on this site. Humanity is doomed. Everybody sucks. That is all. PS. Sorry if you're actually not a f****r....
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Stay Together For The Kids

E|---------------------------------------------------- B|---------------------------------------------------- G|---------------------------------------------------...
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Nothing Is Ever Going To Be Ok

am going to live in pain till eventually had enough then die in pain. as there is no such thing as a death without pain. that's all that exist. pain. people like you will never...
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Areas Of Expertise

At work, I can't help what my bosses and co-workers don't seem to find me capable of. Yesterday, I picked up the phone to my boss wanting to speak with the other receptionist I was...
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Drinking Isn't Always A Bad Idea

Drinking isn't always a good idea, but thankfully this time it was. After a few shots and drinks, I found the courage in me to tell him how I truly felt about him, well, that I loved...
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He Took The Bait

I loved my boyfriend very much and I thought he loved me to. So my parents had grounded me and taken my phone so I borrowed my younger sister's iPad to kik him, but I forgot to log...
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Death At The Kindergarten

Yesterday I was told the old director of one of the kindergartens that I go to has died. He was battling cancer and lost. As much as I liked the old dude , I sure hope they don't...
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This S***s Weird

Its weird when you start to see things from a different point of view as you mature in life isn't it?...
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I Wish This Ended Differently

Sitting at the hospital, watching my mother slowly slip away is the hardest thing I've ever had to experience. I can't begin to describe how much it hurts, this is the woman who...
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For Those Considering A Job In Fast Food

I do not guarantee the integrity of these observations; believe what you will. Fast food is like any other job which you have no interest in being at: boring at best and miserable at...
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Flies In My Nose ^ ^

every night now .tiny little bitty flies are getting through the mesh screen and into my nose when I try to sleep.----lookin for a salty treat I guess. eeewwww. hehehe I have fly...
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Never Mi Nd,

I had People use me in terms of satisfying my sexual needs without the emotional part duo to lying and not telling me what they want from the start. But never anything even...
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Should I Tell Her?

A friend of mine is being chased after by a guy. Everyone says they should go out and that they would make a good couple but there is something not right about him I don't trust him...
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Ratos De PorĂ£o

I just came back from a small rock concert here in my town.Carl was there and I found out that he's dating a girl and going out with another.And I didn't give a s**t about it.Guess I...
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