Just Another Love Story

i think about you all the time now. pacing back and forth in my room, a f*****g hollow prison of my own mind, i can't help but think about you. just waiting on a phone call. i did...
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The Unuttered Thoughts #1

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Hot Sunny Morning

Hot sunny morning Hot, hot, hot. still feel not awake.lazy is I this morning. I'm just going around the place dragging my tail----- checking out my pineapple plant ( very nice)....
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Swing A Little More, On The Devils Dance Floor

I gotta say that my sixteenth birthday was the best birthday I have ever had. I got a /cake/. Like homemade and everything. And the two people I cared most about sang happy birthday...
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Ive Made A Tumblr For Some Of My Photography

Take a look and let me know what you think. i hope you like it, this is my passion. photography is my love, my hobby and something i wish to continue for the rest of my life....
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I Think It's Time

-Deep breath- I thought to myself how do I start this. and i thought it would flow more naturally if i typed this with my eyes shut. So here I am with my eyes shut wondering if...
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I Killed Them All ^ ^

They lay there----all of them---well most all of them-----dead and dying. I sliced through them. If they had mouths they would screamed out---cursing my name. I spared some for...
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I'm In Maui. :D

It ended up being a 6 hour flight from LAX to Maui. I was sat behind a 2 year old, his "I'm just fed up with this shet" mother, and his 6 year old sister. Within the first hour, I had...
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But, See? That's What Happens!

So, that may have been harsh. But, that's what happens when you first show me a glimmer of disrespect for either yourself, me, or others. And, you sometimes show me all three in a...
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Why . . So Tired Lately

all the time. and fuzzy (the new puppy) sleeps while we are on living room and the moment we get in bed for sleepy time he enters hyper mode and starts jumping and biting, playing. am...
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Baby, Please Stay

You're the first person I have ever met that seems to be on the same level as me. You understand life the same way that I do. You feel the same. You talk the same. You laugh at the...
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Oh :( But Why

there is this game I've been waiting for years to come out and it's only 5$ to have full version and I don't pay for games as play free only mmo rpg mostly but this one I really love...
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Don't Make Mommy Tell You Twice

https:/ or http:/ can tell when I have a little time on my hands .because I then slack off and cut a...
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So, Anybody Heard Of Secrettalk?

That place where you can talk about anything and not give a s**t, get feedback and s**t like that? Here's an entry to throw into it's mix. I wonder if every post and search that...
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A Love Lost But Diverging Hopeful Futures For Us

we went from months of a care-free euphoria to the disillusionment of our love. neither ever admitted to loving the other, but our hearts know the truth. i did not realize it until...
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This Nasty Economy

I wasted 6 years of my life in college, 4 to earn my B.A. and 2 for my M.A. Along the way I interned at 5 workplaces (3 television broadcast stations, State Capitol, TV Development...
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Soul Mates Are Made, Not Born

Saw this in an article. Hope it helps someone like it helped me I am not sure where this idea of soul mate originated, but it is false. Maintaining a healthy relationship is more...
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My Most Beautiful Friend

Well there's a girl, she lives not too far from me. Last night, I popped around had some dessert with her and family. We played pictionary with her exchange student, spoke about her...
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1: I Pray To

A god I'm not sure is real I live in A country I believe is trying to kill me I may be In a relationship, or just insane I'm alone among family, afraid around strangers I fight...
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Sometimes I Think I Was Born On The Wrong Planet

I feel like this world, these humans, aren't for me. I was meant to live close to nature. I was meant to take care of it. These stupid filthy humans just keep destroying it. Or...
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