Moving Back To Romania

Mom just called and told me :) she got a great business offer to open and run a design evening/weeding dress place. Nothing really holds here as not type to get close to people and...
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Yesterday's Walk For Water

It was wonderful. It was my first time actually DOING something for a cause. When the only co-worker there with me ducked out in the middle of the walk, I pressed forward and stayed...
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My Banana Is Sterile ;)

It's pack with seed--- and it can not reproduce. All that seed with the white material surrounding it. Yet it is Sterile---- Poor thing that it is---- Why-----why does it have to...
4 comments | 12 hours ago by TheDevil @TheDevil

Fuzzysad And Cynic

Fuzzysad stood over a kneeling Cynic The Cynics who had shown no mercy in their vitriol towards the internet warriors now knelt in front of Fuzzysad, a captive Cynic still knelt...
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It's A Pretty Morning.^ ^

The Sun is shining, sky is clear and it's bit cool. Feeling good. I put all my coffee grounds, I collected all last year, around my hydrangeas. Now they are looking sooo healthy....
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Guys Please Answer I Have Problem

My cousin told me to have little fun with her and also told you must c*m many in my a*s and I don't know what I do do I spill in her a*s?...
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People Can Be So Nasty

Some things my family have done/said just today, in one day: 1. My mother called my sister a 'c**t'. 2. My sister called the children she is minding 'bastards' (not even her kids)....
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Caught And Killed

Good good good. In my hallway of my home--- I look up and see it there. Hanging.----Dead. Being sucked dry. An evil centipede. And this is why I never kill the spiders in my...
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Point In Time

Wow. After deciding to not put effort into you anymore and leave you alone, a couple of years have passed. Interesting that you chose this point in time to now reach out to me. You...
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Red Spots All

over my legs. since yesterday but today got far worse. at first thought mosquito bites but this time did not sleep naked but they still happened so thought then dog flees now maybe...
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How Do I Touch My Self?

I'm 14, and usually leave down there alone.how do you touch down there? Some one, explain to me! I am hornyyyy....
5 comments | yesterday by Hill @Hilaryyyy

I Want To Be Touched

I'm 14. I really wanna be touched, and, I am not going to be the s**t at school.who is willing....
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Can't Tell You What You Don't Want To Hear

Am still madly inlove with my ex gf Clementine (fictive name for sake of anonymity) tried to move on after she broke up with me and dated few, but it never felt right. Any advice on...
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I Hate Summer

Sleeping in is the only good part, but only if I'm tired. There's nothing to do, and I drive myself crazy if I'm not doing something I deem productive. Why are people so damn closed...
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Can Food Make

You feel high? Spaced out fuzzy nice mood completely spaced out? Or is it the skipping/not taking my adhd medication side effects?...
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Easter Went Well

I was dreading the first family party without having Josh, not because I'm ashamed we broke up, but because I didn't feel like having to explain to every person why he wasn't there...
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Was I Molested?

When I was about 5 years old, my cousin would take me into a room at my grandmother's house and she would kiss me. She was 6 at the time. I didn't know what was happening so I kissed...
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He's A Different Person When He's With Her

I've been trying to write this out for weeks now. It feels like every time I do, I try find excuses for why I shouldn't. I'm not sure why, maybe it's because I'm scared of what people...
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Lol Been Trying

to kill a .how do you call them, those mosquitoes that bit? one of those for over few hours. that prick bited me on several ocassions. finally I give up, get up, open lights do...
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I'm Proud Of Myself And Stuff

I guess I'm over you now. I had a dark couple of days. Thought about going back to my old ways, but I stayed afloat. I think most of it had to do with the St. John's Wort, but...
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