A Magical Phrase

"I love you". It's such a magical phrase. It's one that can make you feel appreciated, one that can ease your pain. And to think that three little words can go such a long, long way...
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Why Would You Tell Me I Have The Job Then Back Out?

I was approached by another company to come work for them. It's a sales job and they said "you came highly recommended" I went in for the interview and Jessica was impressed, she...
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Dream A Dream Into Reality

I'll cover you with a blanket of stars, place your head softly on the moon. I'll warm you in the arms of romance while whispering you a heavenly tune. The stars above all were made...
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Opinions On My Relationship

So iv been going out with my ex for like 2 months and noticed that her best friend who is very attractive had feelings for me but I blew it off because I thought I was over thinking...
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Alone. Sad. And Dramatic

I feel as if I'm stuck inside my brain my own head, as if im in a small room and there's no way out. no one cares and no one is here but me. when in reality everyone is here im not in...
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I Just Want Her To Die

Two years ago my grandma moved into my apartment with me. She was getting kicked out of her place because she refused to pay rent. She said she had a new apartment she just needed a...
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This Is Reflection

Seeing only what the mirror sees I am left here starving for you. I miss knowing you beneath the glass surface. You are there in front of me yet so impossible to reach....
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" If Only This Silence Could Speak The Truth."

If only, I could tell you that each time I look into your beautiful verdant eyes I'm silently telling you I want to hold you in my arms. I wish we could spend a few moments softly...
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"Hmmm Maybe Later."

Maybe later I'll go on my I pad and watch (Desert hearts) while I think of you through the movie....
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To The Guy Who Gave Me Sunflowers

I still really remember. This exact day. This is the day you and I are quarreling like cats and dogs. But at the end, you ended up chasing me and giving me those 5 sunflowers. You...
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This Is How We Share

If we had one night alone, beneath the moonlit sky, at its end you'd have no doubt. You'd know that I love you. We're denied the evening walks, or spending time alone, but souls...
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My Dear You

I need to tell you something really personal and important, but I'm too shy and afraid of rejection. It's been almost five years since we've met and I've fallen in love with you. All...
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My Friendzone Story 2

I cried a river today.First day of October you made me cry and you don't even know you're the reason for those tears. I wonder if you even think of me because you're always in my...
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" Beautiful Thoughts From Afar."

Come closer, lets take a few precious moments to entwine into one. Let's spontaneously share a tender soft kiss. As we gaze within each others eyes lets whisper romance of a very...
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The Secret Of Happiness

The secret of our happiness is unconditional love. I just wanted to make her smile and make it last for a while; do all the things you can do at home. Maybe once in a while get away...
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Everything Changed So Fast

When we were just acquaintances and didn’t know who we were time was golden. At that time, there was no fear, no reservations within – Life simply went on without rest,without any...
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I Am So Head Over Heels

I am so head over heels. It's funny, in a painful kind of way. Already mooning over a boy, and we're not even a quarter through the year. I can't help it, not with those eyes or...
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Hopeless (?) Crush

I first noticed him 2 school years ago as I entered my math class and he simultaneously exited. We almost bumped into each other but I impetuously stepped aside, as I have always...
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One Day I'll

I'll muster up the courage to say why my head contains dark clouds, maybe after that ill actually be okay....
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I Dreamed About You Lastnight

AND it felt so real. I literally woke up breathless. The touch of you hand still lingered on my fingertips and just for a little while I could still feel the sensation of our bodies...
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