Bad Ideas Die Fast

And so has my back. Remember how I said it's hard for me to find something I'm truly "passionate" about? Well, here's a shining example. Not too long ago I thought this was the thing...
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A Suicide Note

I am afraid to be a woman. My name is E and I am known to most as a transman, though I've finally been able to admit to myself that it's not the truth. I hate my body and myself,...
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Should I Take A Chance?

Is it okay to take the chance to ask someone to be yours even though you almost have a sure knowledge that they are going to deny you because they don't want to ruin the relationship....
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Busy Friday Morning ^ ^

Well, after I see the young lady this morning, (morning class), I must run to the store and do some grocery shopping. But before she shows up ----- Coffee :D Good Morning...
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Pretty Skies Today ^ ^

This is a nice shot., Just behind the bus stop . It's so pretty it almost looks fake. http:/ And no , that is not my house . Hehehe. Off to sleepy...
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In 75 Words Or Fewer

Write about experiencing a devastating loss, without including death. Stole this from Reddit, thought you guys could give it a shot. I do enjoy reading what a majority of you write....
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That Has Got To Be ^ ^

The last of the storms that will blast through here for now. This morning, not one cloud in the sky. Pow!---gone . Just like that. I do admit I like storms at this time of the...
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Autumn Sunshine Cheer

I LOVE sunshiny autumn days such as these, when all of those brilliant, bright crimson leaves from the bushes are still mostly clinging to the branches, but dusting the green grass...
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I Herd Something Interesting Today

I can't remember where I herd it, but it really stuck out to me for whatever reason. I was watching television, and two men were on the screen talking. One man turned to the other and...
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Taking Long Walks

So many times I've done this without having a destination to go. It helps and I find it relaxing. If I could I would leave what I have home and walk to that place where I'm wanted....
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9 Tenths ^ ^

says it's mine. Come look at what The Devil has. It's big isn't it. http:/ http:/ It's huge. This beautiful fantastic...
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It Shouldn't Be But It Is ^ ^

It's storming. So late in October and it is storming. Plus the temperature is up. Weird weather. This year has been a very very wet one. It's just pouring out there right now....
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I Am Enough. But Not

I am 35. I am attractive, not hot, despite being overweight. I'm told any man would be honored to be with me. I'm told I'm pretty and I have a nice smile. I'm told I'm smart and...
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This Is My Potato Wife. She's Jealous Of The Cabbage

My dog finally understands that barking at every moving thing in the backyard is not necessary. Instead, she's moved onto rubbing her a*****e all over the carpet. It's pretty amazing...
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I Have To Stay High All The Time

I love seeing the way his eyes light up when he talks about his art. I love how fascinated he is with self-destruction and lethal lifestyles. I love the way he can get lost listening...
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Funny Mini Apples ^ ^

of some kind I was given these by a friend of a friend. They taste like apples but have a huge seed in the middle. http:/
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Why I'm Not A Chef

I hate the taste of coffee, so when I have a cup, I drown it in creamer. Healthy, right? But yesterday, I didn't have any creamer, and I really didn't feel like going out, so, with a...
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Just Too Careful

I think maybe I'm just too careful. Maybe that's why I've never gotten anywhere. And I'm trying really hard to not be careful all the time, but to also not be stupid, but the line...
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The Eating Disorder

A few years ago I started looking in the mirror a little more than I should have been, and decided that I didn't like what I saw. I started skipping breakfast and lunch. At dinner, I...
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My Armor Needs Oiling. ^ ^

Even on my day off I have soo much to do , chores and stuff needed for my school/ classes.etcetera. One thing I need to do for me is oil my armor. Got get my heavy black leather...
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