My Soaring Heart

Today, a very lovely lady told me that she loves my hair and that she thinks it's cute. What I see as terribly unruly and puffed out, she sees as endearing and adorable. It made me...
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" With Every Gentle Caress"

Oh, come closer my dear rest your head upon my shoulder. Hold me in your arms could you whisper softly in my ear? I wish to hear of your every special desire. Just know that you could...
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Next Time I'll Practice More

You know that moment when you are nervous and start talking whatever comes to your mind. Then, after everything ends and you get to calm down, you start to remember all the dumb...
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" My Daydreams Of You."

In my daydreams of you, as I'm laying here on the couch watching TV, thoughts of you come across my mind. Thinking of your beautiful smile. I wonder what it would feel like to...
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Believe I Still Love You

As I go to bed at night, as I rise first thing in the day, I ask myself: How did such a beautiful woman come my way? I think of you, what would make you happy and what would make you...
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" Every Beautiful Curve On Her."

If only, we can lay besides one another as we gaze into each others eyes. It would be amazing to gently caress every inch of your beautiful curves. While I softly kiss every soft part...
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I Accept The Challenge

15 page research paper about poverty and education and how they correlate with one another, due in 5 hours. Challenge Accepted....
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I Miss Him

I miss him. I love him. I want him like crazy, but he doesn't know and never will.that's all ❤️...
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Dream A Dream Into Reality

I'll cover you with a blanket of stars, place your head softly on the moon. I'll warm you in the arms of romance while whispering you a heavenly tune. The stars above all were made...
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A Magical Phrase

"I love you". It's such a magical phrase. It's one that can make you feel appreciated, one that can ease your pain. And to think that three little words can go such a long, long way...
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Soberly, Soberly, Soberly, Soberly; Life, Don't Wanna Dream

Ended things properly with Bryan, tonight. Well, made clear (for himself, this time, I guess) that we are and will not in the future be a couple. I know he didn't understand half of...
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Why Would You Tell Me I Have The Job Then Back Out?

I was approached by another company to come work for them. It's a sales job and they said "you came highly recommended" I went in for the interview and Jessica was impressed, she...
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Opinions On My Relationship

So iv been going out with my ex for like 2 months and noticed that her best friend who is very attractive had feelings for me but I blew it off because I thought I was over thinking...
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Alone. Sad. And Dramatic

I feel as if I'm stuck inside my brain my own head, as if im in a small room and there's no way out. no one cares and no one is here but me. when in reality everyone is here im not in...
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I Just Want Her To Die

Two years ago my grandma moved into my apartment with me. She was getting kicked out of her place because she refused to pay rent. She said she had a new apartment she just needed a...
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This Is Reflection

Seeing only what the mirror sees I am left here starving for you. I miss knowing you beneath the glass surface. You are there in front of me yet so impossible to reach....
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" If Only This Silence Could Speak The Truth."

If only, I could tell you that each time I look into your beautiful verdant eyes I'm silently telling you I want to hold you in my arms. I wish we could spend a few moments softly...
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"Hmmm Maybe Later."

Maybe later I'll go on my I pad and watch (Desert hearts) while I think of you through the movie....
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To The Guy Who Gave Me Sunflowers

I still really remember. This exact day. This is the day you and I are quarreling like cats and dogs. But at the end, you ended up chasing me and giving me those 5 sunflowers. You...
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This Is How We Share

If we had one night alone, beneath the moonlit sky, at its end you'd have no doubt. You'd know that I love you. We're denied the evening walks, or spending time alone, but souls...
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