When I Was Your Age

It was dark all of the time! we kept the light, locked up in a special box. well one day that stupid kid (Johnnie felcher) from down the street knocks the box over just as a big...
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I Can See Your Bloody Tampon String Sticking Out

No matter how much sunshine and smile you hide behind that psychotic f*****g brain of yours, you're never going to fool someone into thinking you're a decent human being. Sooner or...
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When I Was A Kid

my dad had us give him handjobs. I didn't know what I was doing. One day I told my aunt as though it were nothing, still not understanding, and she looked shocked. She told my mom...
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Ok. Here's A Secret A First One Perhaps

I wish a had a normal brother and not an evil horrible passive aggressive immature c**t. Some people never grow the f**k up and am done trying to make things up with you. You're a...
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This Is Morning

Where I am I don't see the sunrise, the clouds blot it out today. Where you are the sun rises. I'm sure there are flowers growing around you at this very moment....
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Nice First Pay

I got my first pay at my new job, today. Holy molasses! For a week and one day of work, I made just about what I would have for two weeks at my last job! I'm friggin' ecstatic!...
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You Keep Saying That

How many times are you going to say you're ready to change and how you're gonna conquer this world and literally do nothing but sulk in your own pathetic life like the loser you are?...
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I Had An Epiphany Today

I had an epiphany today as i waited for my job interview. One that did not just change my mood, disintegrate my nerves, but one that changed my view of myself. For a long time, I was...
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Tried To Suck My Tongue Two Nights Ago

You know how babies suck a pacifier or suck on their thumb? Well, since I was a baby up til I was a freshman in highschool, I sucked my tongue. It was comforting to me. I would do it...
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Wild Blue Yonder

"The front line is a never-ending battle between good and not-so-good." Today is the start of something wonderful. I hadn't expected to begin so soon, but I'm more excited than I am...
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Stressed Tired And Hungry

Fun. Long day ahead but don't mind the rest. Just want the beginning to be over and for mom's bf to go. Not that I don't like him i do just he makes me feel uncomfortable and mom is...
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After Leaving Him I Realise How Bad I Had It

It's worrying how oblivious I became to my own life. Its like looking into a magnifying glass that's too close to the subject. I was completely blind to how bad it was and it got me...
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Boyfriend Is Not Spending His Birthday With Me

My new boyfriend, is leaving with his family to the desert on his birthday. There is absolutely nothing special about this trip because they go every other weekend it seems. This...
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Yes That's Rather Top Notch, Harry

Today has been the best day I've had in a while. School things worked them self out, I took one long nap, and I have successfully reduced the amount of homework I had. I didn't reduce...
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The Girl In Geometry Class

I was in Geometry class like any normal day until my teacher said she assigned us new seats. I sat next to this girl named Mary. Mary was so cute and I loved her laugh. I liked her....
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Love Is Evol

I’d always thought my first love would be so amazing and at first I was right but unfortunately that didn’t last long. They were the first person I’d ever let in and felt like I could...
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Multiple Occasion Day

While I'm quite disappointed that I could not participate in the Aveda Walk For Water for Earth Day, as I intended before starting my new job, something did perk me up. A staff member...
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Funny/weird Things My Professor Said Today

"If there are 3 things you learn from this class they should be: 1. Always pay your dealer. 2. Don't get syphilis. 3. Dig a deep grave unless you want to get caught." "Isn't it weird...
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A Lonely Week

Hi. I'm home alone this entire week and bored. Looking for friends. Tell me your hobbies, interests. Anything. 323 356 2990 . make my day...
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What The Firefly Said

"People who dislike you will find reasons to dislike you. In your lifetime, you will meet many who will take issue with who you are and what you do. It's up to you to reflect upon...
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