No Kids Ever

I don't want kids. Growing up, I thought I'd always have them, because that's what people did. I imagined growing fatter than I already am, my body becoming uglier, and years of...
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My Stomach Itches

And feels funny. I guess this is what I get. Oh wells I just wish I had someone to cuddle with. Or to hold me and tell no it's ok. I wish that person was you, but ur too busy to talk...
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It's Weird, You Know

Being so widely disliked. By almost everyone you've ever been in contact with. It's just such a strange feeling. Folks that I went to elementary school with in 1996 still talk badly...
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Maybe Today Is The Day

I got into a minor accident last night. Some broad hit me from behind. To be fair, she honestly did try hard to swerve but she was trailing too closely behind. Not a huge deal. My...
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The Last 12 Years

The last 12 years of my life, there's been one constant thing; through changing houses, being homeless, rehab. jail etc, etc. She was always there with me. That constant, was my...
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Writing Essays Drunk Is A Bad Idea

but i so would like a drink right now, or something to calm me down and let me concentrate. something to stop my racing thoughts and make me care less. it would be nice if this...
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Tried Of Being The Second Girl

I like to think I'm the only girl my boyfriend looks at. I like to believe that I'm the only one he finds attractive and pretty. Even though I am his and I know he would never cheat...
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Crazy For You

I'm 23 years old. There is this girl who I crushed on hard in High School. We always playfully flirted with each other literally every time we saw each other, but it never went...
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My Moment Of Strength

Most of the posts on here about about having emotional or moral strength, so here's a story about having physical strength. Growing up, my brother and I were obsessed with wrestling...
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99.9 Percent Of Posts On Here Are Fake

as well as commentators. Or perhaps especially them. I warn you. For you actual new people. Most of the post and comments you see are by the same individuals ----- who like to...
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My Heart Skipped

I haven't heard from you in weeks, then you show up on my cell phone with a text message. Not the message that I really wanted, but it does tell me that you haven't deleted me from...
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Ramblings Of A Depressed Douche-bag

Like every wretched individual, I used to think I was better. People are always what they do - never what they say. I now know I am the worst kind of person; I do not inflict harm on...
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6 Ft 6 In

So, you're a giant. Got it. Your name even suits it. But, is your personality and heart just as large? How wholly unselfish are you? Are you out for yourself in this life, or are you...
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Just Some Thoughts

It's a little bit funny how I would rather hear my grandmother's badgering voice over this weakened one she's got from being ill. I guess I forget that she's human. She's always been...
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_Friends And Him_

We go to school together. We see each other everyday. But yet I miss him so much on the weekends or just normally. When I see people on twitter or Facebook, post something about their...
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I Miss When I Had Friends On This Site

Now it seems like everyone hates me. This site used to be good for a conversation and some advice and such now it seems like no one wants to talk to me or comment on my secrets. I...
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Would You Put This In Your Body?

If you saw the third picture on the can. ^ ^ http:/postimg.org/image/ipb9t3xlh/ http:/postimg.org/image/yg0y0h68l/ http:/postimg.org/image/og1g6u5lh/...
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Bottle Of Pills

I was cleaning out my car today which I haven't done since Halloween apparently and found my mom's friend's bottle of Prozac. Weirdly enough, she hadn't even texted me or anything...
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I'm Falling In Love With Myself

I've fallen in love for the first time and i can't seem to believe them when they tell me they love me. I hate myself because i can't help but notice how s****y i am compared to...
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Never Will Again

This guy I was seeing was a selfish liar. He treated his kids like crap. Has an autistic son that's obsessed with his tablet, so when he's tired of caring for him.he literally tosses...
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