Talking To Satan

I've been praying to Satan a lot recently. Not really praying, more like having a one sided discussion. Well, I guess you could call that praying, so yeah. Praying to Satan. That...
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Are You Fooling Yourself?

You can easily regard or discard someone to fit into whichever box you want them to fit in to suit whatever agenda you have. You can meet someone, list off some of their traits and...
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The Beauty In Closure

The recent development with my recent ex caused me to reach out to another that I haven't spoken to since our breakup. Many of you who have been here for the last 3 years might...
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Silenced, Yet, Liberated

Yesterday, my ex and I spoke briefly for the first time since he told me he cheated on me 12 times and lied to me the entire relationship. I had written him a letter on my blog since...
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What A Shame

Didn't expect to come back and find that someone had died. What a sad thing to have happened. Too young and too much potential. My condolences to those who knew him better, and to...
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Amused By The Apparent Offensiveness Of My Opinions

It seems like most people don't agree with my opinions. I don't really care though, to be honest. I could literally be the only person to think the way I do about certain things and...
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Ive Come To Realize Im Very Lonley

I don't have many friends for some reason. I seem happy and energetic and I'm always up for anything and I tr,y to make new friends they just never stay around. I'm 19 years old and I...
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I'm Thankful For All Of The Good

The weird thing is that despite everything, despite how truly awful it has been lately-- the world around me seems determined to make me stay. My dad has been horrible to me for a...
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Do You Even KNOW What You Hate?

Okay. I am sick of racist people. I don't care what your skin color is; because you are all close-minded, arrogant and hateful. Do you know what skin color is? It is a certain amount...
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Your Inner Child

Your inner child keeps you young at heart. It doesn't do much for the outside, but that's okay. It is what's inside that counts. Nurture the kid in you. I'm not a child anymore, I'm...
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Everything I Want To Say To The Girl I Lost

I love you. It's been a year since things abruptly and confusingly ended only to make sense weeks after. Not a day has passed that you haven't been on my mind. I find myself randonly...
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Negativity On All Sides And I Can't Take It

Have you ever laid down to sleep and suddenly, with no warning, found yourself fervently wishing for death? I do. I have found myself doing that quite often as of late. It's a strange...
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A Lot Of People Have Been Wanting To Talk To Me Lately

It's strange how for the longest time before did I crave human interaction, but for the past few days I just want to be left alone. Sometimes I'll just read the notifcations I get...
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Oh Poor Dead Milo

If you loved him so greatly, why the f**k didn't you idiotic children not reach out and try and prevent his death.? because. you are babes lost in the wilderness . snot nose, wet...
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Im Going To Miss You

I know we haven't talked recently, but I still cared about you. You were young and you were truly a good person. One who cared about people. I had hoped that things would turn out...
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Holy Friggin' Smokes

Dog walking has been awesome! In fact, one of my clients has become a pretty good friend and asked me to go on vacation with her! It's a bit late in the year for vacations but I...
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This Is Harder Than What I Thought

She is so beautiful. I want to talk to her or write her something on facebook but I already decided that I have to get over her. I wasn't thinking about her and then I saw that she...
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I Hated My Childhood

When I was a kid, I was smart, not just a little bit, really smart. I was teacher's pet all the time. Yet, because of this, I had no friends. ABSOLUTELY NONE! The teacher was my...
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At The Risk Of Sounding Like An Ungrateful Brat.(slight Rant)

Okay, how do I phrase this.? I hate when people tell me that I have such a great life and that I have no reason to be sad. When they do, they're basically telling me that my problems...
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Cynic Please Abuse Me

I miss the lashings of your tempestuous words. I miss the steam of your acrimony. You've made me enjoy all the pain you've cost me. I can never get enough,...
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