Cynic And His Feelings

Cynic, how long has your mother been a whore? She must be a whore because you act like a whore. Everyone knows whores raise whores. You hate, perpetrate, and instigate on this site....
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A Wish To Be Free

We are constantly walking towards something. However I wish I was walking away from it. I am tired of moving on with my life. Instead of doing what I want to do tonight, I have to go...
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Blast From The Past

Six or so years ago my main computer took a crap on me. I completely forgot my password and there was no way at the time to fix it that I knew of, so I put it in the garage until I...
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Personal News That May Or May Not Matter

He broke radio silence. Mutual friend thinks I should try saying "hi." I'm probably the one who cares the most about reconciliation, but I was never the limiting factor. There...
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A Poem Posted By You

Life. It's only made of one person. Put into many bodies. Called "every one", Because actually "every one" Is just "one" person, Simply put into every body, Which is why we call them...
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So. Am Having Nightmares

a lot recently. or just vivid dreams, none nice. other then the one of me and my ex having sex but even that was a nightmare as it just made me sad. maybe this is why I delay sleep....
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Fixing Christina's Bow

Work continues to consume. This is fine. In fact, I really am happy with how awesome I feel like I've become at it. Today, I had an honest conversation with my SundayMonday partner,...
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Love Is Not Always A Lie

It's usually me who loves more, but my boyfriend has me beat. I sometimes feel as if he actually loves me more than I love him, and I love him more and more every day....
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A Funny Thing, Life

Sometimes you meet someone, and it's so clear that the two of you belong together on some level. As lovers or as friends, as family or as something else entirely different. You just...
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One Sad Person

I don't want to admit it, but I have no friends. I can see that it's not healthy for me to be so closed off from everyone else. I talk and see my family and extended family a lot and...
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Wait He's BACK?!

So yesterday I found out this former guy friend of mine that joined the service 2 years ago is currently staying a lot closer to home than I even realized. I didn't even know he was...
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I Hate Who I've Become

I don't even like me anymore. I don't like this me. Sad and unhappy, I hate it. Being so head over heels for a guy isn't my thing. I can just move on and not cry. But this time this...
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Work Stress. I Really Don't Need This Crap Right Now!

Last week, someone at work made a complaint to me about my manager (Lets call her Jane). I explained that I couldn't handle this situation, as I didn't have the power, but I would see...
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I Miss Her But I Can't Do Anything About It

First of all, yes I know this is bad and weird and crazy so don't bother telling me that. So there's this teacher from my old school, and I really miss her. I miss her smiling at me...
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To Touch Upon My Last Post

I thought long and hard (teehee) about being widely disliked. And I began to pinpoint the reasoning behind most folks who dislike me, and I figured out why I started thinking about...
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Feeling Horrible About Myself

To be honest, I don't even know if it's 'love' that I am fully committing myself over to because I just can't believe in anything right now. I know how f****d up my life has been....
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I Am A Birthday Hater

i hate my birthday. there's nothing special about it. it's about expecting someone's promise and youll end up expecting for nothing. its through my birthday that i realized that the...
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Bark At Me

If there's such a thing as hyperventilation by typing, that's what you're doing. You're going crazy at me, freaking the eff out about trusting this sod that YOU don't know. Oh, it's...
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No Kids Ever

I don't want kids. Growing up, I thought I'd always have them, because that's what people did. I imagined growing fatter than I already am, my body becoming uglier, and years of...
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My Stomach Itches

And feels funny. I guess this is what I get. Oh wells I just wish I had someone to cuddle with. Or to hold me and tell no it's ok. I wish that person was you, but ur too busy to talk...
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