Major Freak Out Lol

Seriously so nervous right now. It's too late to back out of this date and I'm already sitting here in the stupid parking lot. I'm early, I'm always early, and I seriously regret it...
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My Little Apple Tree ^ ^

It's been a few months since it sprouted. Now it's about 7 inches tall. The pot I have it in is kind of small. I had better change it over to a larger one. I have another sprout...
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Size 5, Only Two Buttons

I won't kid myself. I can't fit into these old shorts, completely, but an old size 5 at least fits past my thighs, hips and arse. Out of four buttons, I can do up two comfortably...
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Cats And Dogs

If the dog obeys and the cat resists how is the dog smarter I feel he is dumb for letting himself be controlled the cat how ever she is free to do as she pleases the dog listening to...
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Stop Being Stupid, Advertisement

I didn't buy a 3DS so I could invite people over and circle jerk on the couch. I bought a 3DS so I had something to do while I poop. Why can't there be a commercial of that....
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Happy :) :)

haven't slept since yesterday as wanted to paint in day time and planed to do what I accomplished today in 3 days, all weekend from morning till night. and finished in one day...
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I'm Nervous I Guess

In my time that I have been alive, I've never been interested in dating until very recently. Recently as in, this year. In high school I had crushes on a bunch of people, but I didn't...
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Love Love Love ^ ^

It's nice to see it in others. It's nice to see people trying to love. Showing love. Being supportive of it. Very nice. :D Sitting around here doing not much---- listening to...
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Still In Love -_-

im in grade 5 when i started to have crush in france until i was grade 9 now i can't stop thinking of her every night my heart beat fast. even in my dreams SHITT...
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It Will Be Alright

After everything that I've been through I have learned that it will be alright. I still miss a lot my ex girlfriend and the only girl that could mend my heart already has a boyfriend...
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Eyes Like Twin Galaxies

Cheers to yet another ambiguous relationship, in which there's chemistry, sparks, but no name to our bond. Really and truly, I quite like it like that. Let's not rush this pioneered...
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The Heat Of The Night Plus The Bugs

Couldn't sleep much last night. Earlier last night there was a breeze. But then I had to close the window. Too warm and a bunch of little grass hoppers got into the room, wanting to...
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Lovely Night ^ ^

Humid yes.but with a slight breeze that makes it tolerable . My place is a mess, ( when is it not hehehe ), and I do have time off to fix this problem.-----but what do I do----I...
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Just Another Love Story

i think about you all the time now. pacing back and forth in my room, a f*****g hollow prison of my own mind, i can't help but think about you. just waiting on a phone call. i did...
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The Unuttered Thoughts #1

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Hot Sunny Morning

Hot sunny morning Hot, hot, hot. still feel not awake.lazy is I this morning. I'm just going around the place dragging my tail----- checking out my pineapple plant ( very nice)....
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Swing A Little More, On The Devils Dance Floor

I gotta say that my sixteenth birthday was the best birthday I have ever had. I got a /cake/. Like homemade and everything. And the two people I cared most about sang happy birthday...
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The Thought Of The Day Is:

Smokes. Lounging on a bed of cigarettes, one in each hand, oh how lovely that sounds. - I've been doing yardwork with Dom these past few days. His neighbour is pretty much having...
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Ive Made A Tumblr For Some Of My Photography

Take a look and let me know what you think. i hope you like it, this is my passion. photography is my love, my hobby and something i wish to continue for the rest of my life....
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I Killed Them All ^ ^

They lay there----all of them---well most all of them-----dead and dying. I sliced through them. If they had mouths they would screamed out---cursing my name. I spared some for...
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