Friends Can Make A Bad Day Horrible Without Even Realizing It

My grandpa died and then my friend texted me a pic of my crushes latest Instagram pic where he tagged her on an 'best people in the world' list but not me. Then she told me how her...
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So Thats My Story

I've had this huge crush on some girl who is just so freaking amazing this whole entire year but I never got the nerve to talk to her. About a month I got introduced to her and we...
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It Only Feels Right That I'm Using The Username I Used When We Met

I can't believe its true, I don't want to believe it. You had so much going for you and were so young. I wish I could have helped, I wish things weren't the way that they were. I wish...
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I Always Put It Back. That's Something, Right?

Every night, after my homework is done, my bag is packed, and I've studied until I can't study anymore, I get ready for bed. But before I do, I pick up the knife I keep out in my...
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Milo's Gone :'(

I know this is already been posted but I came on here to do the same thing. I found out today through Facebook and it makes me very sad, I almost can't believe it's real. He only was...
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Stuck On You

I can't help but think I should have texted you, I should have called you and asked how your summer was going. It was an accident. An overdose maybe? I don't know the circumstances...
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I Faked Getting Over You

I will never get over you, I finally lied only to heal you. I relies if you had been reading my blog it must have been killing you so, I claim acceptance. How could any man get over...
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It's Not Me. It's You

I got up bright and early, prepared for the day. It was finally agreed that today, we would do what I have wanted to do, for over two years. But nooo, that didn't happen. Just like...
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In Memory Of A Friend

Dear long time users, Many of you may remember a young man frequenting this website by the name of 'Milo'. His humor and honestly filled the page with a sense of hope. I personally...
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Feeling Good About Myself

Today, before my shower, I stood in front of my mirror and looked over my body. It isn't where I want it to be. Admittedly, I had neglected working out for six weeks save for the...
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The Girl Who (almost) Got Away

At 17 there is a whole lot you don’t know about. Where you are going to be next year, what you are going to do, who’s going to be there for you. I was no exception, I was clueless to...
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*Sigh* The End

I asked her out for the last time. She said NO I give up, it was worth a last try though, I'm glad I tried. Now I'm ready to move on. A part of me is going crazy and won't accept...
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The Rebellion Ties

Nuh-uh. Nope. No way in hell is this happening. It's not gonna go down this way. Not again, not like always before. It won't be me beholding and envying - not something so...
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"Baby, You're So Beautiful. . ."

I hate being told that I'm beautiful. After all this time, I've learned that when it comes out of a straight mans mouth-- it doesn't mean anything. Well, no, I take that back because...
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I Think You Are In Love With Me

I think you are in love with me. Aren't you? Are my posts what you look for first? We are confessing to each other aren't we?...
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I'm Sorry I'm Keeping You Waiting

But what do I say to you? How do I tell you no and mean it? Because right now I can't imagine telling you no-- but I also can't imagine saying yes. I don't know. If you would have...
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Like Taking A Giant S**t

Yesterday was awesome. Had a great lunch with my dad and sister, got a lot of things out in the open and dealt with. Then I met someone online who really got my motor going. Granted...
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Static Clingy Bunny

She was desperate to be near me all day. Wherever I parked today, she came zooming to squeeze in and plunk herself between my feet. I think she's been sick, so it may be that. I'm so...
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I Feel A Lack Of Care

Am not inlove with my ex anymore and am genuinely not interested in surroundins anymore. Didn't think I will ever get there but I reached the point finally when been hurt so much that...
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Ugh, Why Is Everyone So Over Dramatic?

I think the kids in my school are so over dramatic. There was this false rumor about me going around. Apparently I am currently dating this kid who I barely talk to. You know why?...
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