So Yeah Beastiality

So. Beastiality, something I've found turns me on.a lot.i won't try anything.probably just admire through porn and sexual roleplays on omegle but yeah I enjoy it. So yeah. I'm filth....
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A Thousand Years

A thousand years, a thousand more A thousand times a million doors to eternity I may have lived a thousand lives, a thousand times An endless turning stairway climbs To a tower of...
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First Of Several

I made my first move, today, the first of several. It was a light first move, just a few of my favourite sticks of furnature. It doesn't appear to have made any dent in this...
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The Emptiness Inside

There was once a place without light. This was a place without darkness. This was a place without comparisons, a place without imbalance. This was a place without divinity or...
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The Wrong Boys

You must love incidences such as last night. You get to over-embellish and feel justified for some initial decision you made about me. And, really? That's fine. You boys think what...
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Just The Words I Needed To Hear :)

Lately I had been feeling lonely, and annoyed at my lack of communication skills with friends and even strangers. I envied tight knit friendships and even my own friends that went out...
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How To Say? How To Tell?

How to tell my friend (ex-crush/brief involvement) of almost ten years that I am still kind of attracted to him? It is purely physical attraction. I love the guy, but know our...
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With One Look

With on look I can break your heart With one look I play every part I can make your sad heart sing With one look you'll know All you need to know. With one smile I'm the girl...
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Pedfilia Is A S E X Preference

Man Boy love Boylover New 5:37PM in General Banter I believe this is a sexual preference. Why is everybody against it? #6 4 min ago Robert Bobi Hornick wrote: 1 second ago · 0 ·...
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My Brother Touched Me

I was 17 and my brother was 15. We usually use to sleep in separate rooms but that night we slept together because of some guest have came to our house. So it was me, then my brother...
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A Friendly Invitation

So tonight I've been invited to attend a birthday party from a highschool friend. We're not exactly close, just the occational conversations here and there. We mainly know whats going...
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Spiraling Into Control

I’ve always assumed that based on the situations I’ve put myself in recently, and given the “image” I convey to strangers of myself, that I’ve been spiraling out of control. But these...
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"((( You're One Gorgeous Amazing One.)))"

As I was in class session today I was thinking about you. Missing your beautiful face, and loving smile that always makes the room so delightful. You're so sweet and charming that...
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Ending Every Day

I’m starving in my body and spirit, if there is such a thing. The emptiness that was there for so long and was only breached by one has been my most faithful companion for a long time...
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When Is The Next Hello?

In my last year of highschool, I tried my best to talk to more people (quite unsuccessful). Unlike my friends who were more than happy to cut as many people off as they pleased, I...
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Reply To: *trigger Warning* Depression - Cutting

Sadly, many people harbour so much pain within and when it is not dealt with, it manifests into harming one's self. You already know the triggers that set you off. You should be...
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*trigger Warning* Depression - Cutting

In 2014 I used to cut my forearms when I was feeling depressed. I haven't felt the urge to cut myself since early 2016, but I am feeling the urge to do so now. Last week, my friend...
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Is Justice Just Make Believe

DOES JUSTICE EXIST? Is it just a word that stands alone, with the scales of balance always in favour of those who do wrong? Is it a romantic notion we have concocted, to make us...
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Let Us Be Like

Two falling stars in the day sky. Let no one know of our sublime beauty As we hold hands with God And burn Into a sacred existence that defies – That surpasses – Every description...
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I Love To Jack My Nutsack Off

Life hack: You can make yourself c*m quicker if you jiggle your balls like a clown juggles his balls. You can stretch it and pound it and tenderize it until that thick white stream of...
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