The Girl Next Door

Alright, so my fam and I recently moved and our neighbors are SO nice, a husband and wife who have 2 sons, L and J there sons are 8 & 7 so i always hang out with them even though i'm...
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What? You Come To Be Secretive And This Is The Welcome?

Oh for crying out loud. I was just gonna say that I think it's weird to have a $ 5000 PC with 2 to 3 hundred games, and still wanna keep playing the game I just beat on my s****y...
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Was I Molested By My Dad?

I don't know where to start anymore. I was aware of everything happening from at least 12-18. My dad has always been pretty hands on with my whole family. Slapping butts as a joke,...
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Why Is There A Culture

of hear, see or speak no EVIL? If you BULLY, HARASS, INTIMIDATE or ASSAULT anyone at work, IT SHOULD NOT BE TOLERATED. There are all these loop holes in our LAW that allows...
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Death Is Real

   death is real   someone's there and then they're not and it's not for singing about it's not for making into art when real death enters the house, all poetry is dumb when i  ...
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I Can’t Even Title It Is How Bad It Is

So a lot has happened and honestly I don’t know how much more I can take so me and Daiden broke up but I don’t care he’s an a*s and I might be moving to a different place and go to a...
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Dating Is Exhausting

All of these failed attempts at dating are taking a real toll on my psyche. It's something I've never understood and I just lost another amazing woman due to my apparent ignorance. I...
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My Husband Is Finally Coming Home, And I'm Scared

I've been married for a year and a half, and I've seen my husband for less than 2 weeks of that time. The immigration process sucks, but we're finally coming near the end. My fear?...
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My Friends Little Brother Touched Me

i’m writing this right after the fact, i’m silently crying in my best friends bed at 4:48 in the morning. i don’t know what else i can do, my best friends little brother is around the...
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I Love My Step Dad

Me and my step have been you now sleeping together my step dad is 29 and I am 15 and I love it I now he is with my mum but there always arguing and he doesn’t like it and every night...
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The Game Is Too Tempting

I KNOW I'm just being tested and challenged, I get it. But, this one is tempting. Dillon, Derek's bestie, of all people, has decided to contact me today after throwing a tantrum...
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Why Would I

want to associate with those judgemental professionals who have judged me without knowing the facts? You are not worth my time! You know who you are and your flawed evaluations mean...
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How Do I Ask My Father To Give Me A Foot Massage?

Hi, it's me Kelsi. I am unsure how to ask Jordy to give me a foot rub and what he or I both want to do with a golden moment. Here's a couple of excerpts I have been experiencing in my...
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I Wish I Had

people in higher places watching over me. Yes, I have the almighty Lord and Angels watching over me. I need people (in the physical) who will set the records straight and will give...
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New Year, New Life

I've been writing elsewhere on this, as it happens. There is so much going on, especially internally. The way I obsess is scary, but I'm actually glad it happens. Because, I can't...
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Happy New Year! How I Got My Ex Husband Back

Happy New Year! How I Got My Ex Husband Back. I am Shannon by name. Greetings to every one that is reading this testimony. I have been rejected by my husband after three(3) years of...
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I Raped My Dad

Ever since I was 3 or 4 I've been masturbating. My first memory is of me figuring out how to masturbate on my mom's bed. I also discovered I had a ballbusting fetish, a squashing...
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Please Help Me

Last night was the worst I've ever gotten. I actually wrote a suicide note. i have everything planned out. Leave the note on my bed, walk to the bridge by my house, wait to see if...
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My Step Dad And I

Ok well I have a step dad and I always thought that he was good looking and that how big his d**k would be.I would always wish and hoped this would come true I now it’s not nice to...
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Mixed Signals Ofc

So i had this dream where im like in the car with an older lady and shes talking about how i had previously dated this teacher of mine and how its going to work with us and im like...
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