Crossdressed Maid for Mother-in-law

I had Easter with my inlaws yesterday.While there my sister-in-law brought up halloween.My wife went as the groom and I went as the bride.My mother in law and I do not really get along and she really loved seeing me in a wedding dress, she took me around to everyone at the party and was like " this is my son in law, isn't he a pretty girl" I loved the humiliation even though see thought she was embarasing me.It was a great time and I would love to do it again.I go out dressed as a girl every other weekend and would love see them out sometime.I have been thinking about just telling them that I am a crossdresser, but my wife doesnt want me to because her mom has a big mouth and everyone would know then.Maybe I could work out a deal with my mother-in-law.If she keeps quite I will come and clean her house dressed as a maid every week ;)
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glad someone along those lines has found a happy medium.