I went t a costume party with my wife dressed like a woman before.My wife was the groom and I was the bride.It was at her parents friends and most of her family was there and I went all out.Sorry pics are on my home computer.I had the long dress with the ruffled train, white thigh highs with garter belt, whit thong panties, Long blond wig, full make up, and completely shaved.

Her mom and me don’t get along, she thinks I am a macho asshole, so she loved seeing me like that.She thought she was humiliating me and took me around to all of her friends and was like “this is my son in law isn’t he a pretty girl” My panties were soaked with precum almost right away.

She told my wife that the look was perfect like it was ment for me and that was an even better turn on to hear her tell her daughter how good her husband looked as a girl.

They have a house in an association on the lake that does a costume parade every labor day and asked if we would dress again.I wanted to soo bad, I was going to “forget” my guy clothes at home so I could be the blushing bride all night, but other stuff came up and it never happened.Oh well maybe they will remember it this year.A girl can hope.