I hate my room mates pittbull dog.
First he's a pitbull but that isnt it. He's a HUGE wussy dog living in a small 3 bedroom condo with a 20x20 back yard. I generally don't allow room mates to bring pets but she swore he was good, and he's good - he hasnt pissed or crapped in the house true to her word. BUT he's rubbing his nasty ass on my carpet and stinking up my apartment. It smells like nasty dog. I tell my room mate and she laughs and thinks I'm joking.
She promised to take him for walks instead of letting him to his biz in the back yard. Even though she says he is - all of the grass in the 10x10 spot in the backyard is dying or dead 'mysteriously' and it REEKS of dog piss in the back.

The dog eats and drinks like a fucking pig. The only place for his bowl apparently HAS to be in the dining room where he snuffles his food and chortles down water like a pig. It makes me want to throw up.

I've never hated dogs before but I have learned to with this one. I never wished death on an animal in my life but I find myself contemplating him accidentally getting out and running away or him dying of mysterious causes.

My home will never smell nice again. The BRAND NEW carpet (not even 6 months old) gets your white socks NASTY within moments. We take our shoes off when we come in the house. There is no way this much nasty can track into the house.

I wish she'd move out. Hate her dog.