This day was odd

so much seem too happened

yet I was asleep for part of it.

finished homework about 20 minutes ago.

got a call from my besfriend's mom.

telling me that she had ran away.

fortunately they found her.

you guys running away is never the answer.

things get rough, you stick them out to become stronger.

running away is for the weak.

anyways, the boy I like doesnt seem to have an interest in me.

but apperantly every other boy does.

i dont pay attention to the other boys at all.

so dont say I'm a hoe or anything.

i find my situation so very odd.

lets see how tomorrow (monday) goes.

i hope he saids hi, and hugs me, and smiles at me.

i hope lunch is good and that it finally doesn't kill my mood.


P.s.i do have an account on here, but i'd really more like to
keep this anonymous.
it gives a mystery to my whole writing.
in addition, I do use this as my diary sort of thing.
and I post them on here because i'd like to get some feed back on
things that are going on in my life.
don't be rude.please.
just be honest.

by the way my name isn't really maggie.