I'm 13 and hes older than me but the other day I walked in his room while he was rubbing his dick n made it cum and I liked watching it.my pussy tingled and I fingered myself when I got bak to my room.

then later the same nite I went back to his room wearing short shorts and a bra pretending I just woke up n just straight up asked him if he wanted me to grind on his dick because I was horny and its not like we fucked or anything hehe.

so he said yes, then I felt his hand go around 2 my pussy on the outside of my shorts and I loveddd it.i started fingering myself and then he started rubbing his dick and we both orgasmed and had dry sex.ever since then we do the s4me thing every nite b4 bed.

we both have bf's/gf's but its just between us n its just for fun, I'm glad I was brave enough to just ask him like that, best day of my lifee and now have a dry sex and masturbation buddy XD.we arent blood related though so theres nothing wrong with it at all, all 4 pleasure XD