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So I've just realised this, but if I were to record whenever I masturbate, you could create a chart wich tells when whenever I feel good about my life or if I'm really "unhappy". Looking at this weekend, i've done it so many times I couldn't even remeber. I felt sad, left behind, thrown away an forgotten, because my Girlfriend was Ill and so i couldn't be with her (because of her parents), which is what we usually do.
But I also remeber days were I was surpised because I hadn't had masturbated in like a week or even a month, while other times it do it so so many times a day, to a point were it stops feeling good. its kind of like a drug whenever I feel down. it makes me feel good, its addictive, it loses its effect the more I do it and sometimes i can't stop.
I am a weirdo aren't I?
(suprisingly it feels even weirder posting this on this website)
[btw I'm dyslexic and Englisch isn't my main Language so sorry for any mistakes but I really don't care anymore]
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