Almost day after day, I've written
my heart on couple of sites including
this one too. Every word I have ever
wrote, even what I'm writing now, is coming
straight from my heart. My heart, That's
been craving to softly tell you with a
gentle kiss, but could it even be possible?

Is this turning into unresolved feelings?
Even though I know it's very impossible,
because of our own separate worlds apart.
I totally understand, but I really wish
we could talk about it secretly
just me and you. I promise you can trust me
I would never expose any of this it would be
only between us and nobody else.

My feelings for you are felt within my heart.
My dear, just look within my eyes I really
hope you can feel my silent words.
Could you hear my heart beats?
Sincerely, each time they beat for you
hoping for one day I could show you just
how much you really mean to me.

I could never get tired of saying just how
beautiful you truly are; your gorgeous smile
always Awakens my heart that always brightens
my day. Looking into your beautiful eyes always touches every
part of me without an actual physical touch. That's how
amazing you make me feel. Your so beautiful inside
and out. You just amaze me in every way.

Every time we have our little chats I always
replay them whenever we part, especially after
looking within your gorgeous eyes.
I really wish I could tell you warmly just
how much you truly mean to me.

I hope this doesn't turn out to be
forever unresolved feelings. I just want
to finally share these special feelings
I have for you. I understand we cannot
be a pair, because we both have our own
personal world's apart . I really wish we
could be special friends. We can spend secret
time together holding each other close talking
about anything while shearing precious moments
of entwining into one, and softly sharing gentle
french kisses. while we comfort each other,
In every way possible. There's so many moments
I wish some day we can share. If you don't feel the same way,
if all along it was just my Imagination I guess I would
have to let go of this, but I will always admire you from afar
while my heart will always have a special spark for you.
At last these unresolved feelings will finally be resolved.

My dear, I just want to say you'll always be
beautiful, gorgeous, sentimental, caring, and an amazing
person in my eyes, because that's what I see each time
I look at you.

( ( ( You know who ) ) ) ) Have a wonderful day. :)