My Rape Story:When i was raped by my father i was 6 years old.My mom was at work on day in december i wanted to hang christmas lights up in the garage so i asked my dad if he could help me he said sure sweetie we walked to the garage i was faceing the wall (i was really young so i didn't know what was happening) i was figureing out where to put the lights at and my dad was behind me he started sqeezeing my butt i said what are u doing daddy(i was a daddy's girl) he said there was a bug on you i said oh ok then i said nevermind i want to put them in my room we walked to my room and put the lights on the wall i said im takeing a nap he leaves i take a nap i wake up on my side my dad is behind me my shorts are down and my panties he said dont worry this is a tradtion (im part mexican my dad if full mexican)i said ok i didnt know what was going on so i let him do it he said this is a tradtion u have to do when ur daughter is 6 years old i said ok ( i was so stupid i feel stupid now) to me i thought it wasn't a tradtion but i didnt do anything :( he put his penis in side my butt i ran to the bathroom and took a cold shower i locked the door i was crying because it hurt so bad he came banging on the door he said dont tell your mother or anyone eles or i will hurt you . i was terrifide i said ok i wont he said good if u do i u know what ill do to you.i will never forget that i still remember the pain that day

touched:i was on the couch at this time i was 10 years old i was lying on my side my dad came inside the house he sits next to me and rubbs my leg going up at the time i wasnt think about the rape i said your a sick bastard i ran outside to my nieghbors house i waited till my mom got home i told her what he did just then not the rape. she went inside and asked my dad if he touched me he said no like liars do my mom came back outside and told me he was just feeling my skirt

this is another touched story that happend to me i was asleep( i was12 now) i wake up its dark i cant see anything i see a black figure i think it was a dream i wake up several times a noght to the same thing then i noticed something well not noticed cought him or know its him im on my moms bed while shes at work its 10:am i feel something touch my butt i wake up my dads next to me fake seeping i dont react i just fake it and go back to sleep hopeing he will leave me alone he did i dont tell my bestfriend from kindergarden but i was afraid 2 so i didn't i didnt want gosspi around the school i was in middle school 6th grade but theres one more that took a little bit of action.

i was sleeping agin in my room he was rubbing my butt agin i see a figure run out the room its 6am my mom just left the house i wait 23 mins. i decide to take action i bust though my moms room my dad is on the bed watching porn i didnt think of it i just busted through and said" Don't Ever touch me agin" and i slam the door he yelled what but i already shut the door i go back to my room and i lock the door the last story i didnt have a lock on my door but this time i do im in the 7th grade now im currently 13 now its summer time now but im going to the 8th grade and turning 14 but since then i dont call my dad dad anymore i call him by his first name.last story

other: i am having attitude issues now i give attitude toward my dad he comes in druck one day like wasted and can't walk but however when my dad drinks he tells the truth when he drinks he came in the house one night when my mom is at work he pushes me down on the couch and punches me in the face he said " i hate you ****** he said my name he said i wish you were never born f**k you slaps me no marks are left my little brother comes in the room and said dont threaten my sister i said its ok go to ur room my little brother leaves i sadi u know what dad F**K YOU I HATE YOU i grab my jacket and the car keys and i drove to a store he had money in the truck 50 dollars i go in the store and buy food for 2 nights i stayed in the truck 4 those 2 nights i texted my mom befor i left i said my friend picked me up im staying at her house my dad lied and said the truck was stolen i dont know why he would but it helped me i came back the 3rd night like nothing happend i told no one what happened or my storys but i decide i need to tell someone so im telling you anything to say say it in the comments i will respond i will let u know if its me ok