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I study Astrology, I'm not a professional, I do it to pass time sometimes. I was at some stage in my life been a Counsellor PSRF - Thats someone who listens to your problems. I am also ex-forces paramedic (UK), but now retired. You have a problem, if I know the answer I will help with advice.
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Am I to blame for our Break-up?

I was married to a wonderful women, a good mother, a fantastic cook, our sex was good, well thats how I looked at it, I am a Piscean, she being a Cancerian, perfect match according...

Sex or Fantasy?

Love is one thing and requires a great deal of commitment from both partners! ! ! Actually having, in whatever form you like, con be exhilarating as we all know. Now...

Am I to blame for our Break-up?

Thankyou everyone for your answers, my ex-wife and I have been apart way too long, and I wouldn't exactly say that I wanted her back. I suppose its the same old thing, why cheat when you get what you want from a husband or wife.
A situation did arise, when I met one of the partners that she was cheating me with, and the one thing he actually said to me, is that he would never take her away from me, because he wouldn't be able to trust her, maybe he saw something at the time that I did not.

But anyway, thank you all for your comments they are much appreciated.

I just did this thing. And I just need to tell someone.

Seriously speaking, if you loved your boyfriend like you say you do, then you wouldn't have strayed but then to look at from another point, you and your boyfriend did decide on a break, would that have been to see if there was real love between you both.

To stray with another man, clearly shows that the love between you and your ex is not strong enough for you to be together.

If your ex wants to get back with, you have got to look at the situation has he strayed whilst you separated. If he has, and you have too, any relationship between you is not going to work.

As for the guy that you feel that it is purely physical, and you really do want love in your life, you have got to take a big step, and get out of the situation.

Am I to blame for our Break-up?

Thankyou for your repeated comment.

The one thing I have done in my life, is to use, my mistakes and others mistakes, to get myself registered as a Counsellor PSRF. and through this I am able to help others - just a pity I can't help myself.

Am I to blame for our Break-up?

Its difficult to explain why people remain together after being cheated, maybe there is more to love than we actually understand.

Am I to blame for our Break-up?

Fexy, I like your answer.

I'm not too sure now at my age that I want her back, there have been many years since we parted company.

As for not being to blame, I sometimes wonder if sex was the problem. When I met her she wasn't a virgin, but I was. My work as a medic was more important than developing a relationship, until I met her.
Despite she being my first, I had a vast knowledge of sex, and actually taught her more about it, than she or I had done. You see in my eyes there is more to sex, than jumping into bed with someone.
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