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By original programming, change of programming, coincidence, or circumstance? Unus mundus.Intervention with grace.ESP.coincidence.Possession.I don’t know.I can’t.What every...

How is everyone?


Can someone here be my friend?

Please ? :( i lost all my friends.yesterday =[ i freaked out .i cried I had a panic attack and I didnt go to school today. now I have to face them tomarrow. And they are going to...

Guilty but happy

Stole my brothers pills and weed I will do that during school ( when I'm worse) and I inhaled this crap and now I feel dizzy/out of breath but better somehow I feel...

All my secrets

I have depression I have anxiety I have panic attacks I'm a little OCD I count my steps as I walk everything has to be in order everything has to be in 2's or...
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Drug addict

You can't . don't waste your time and heartache. trust me.

Where to turn

can't say i know the answer. But what i do know is that i'm in the same boat. And i may not be a big help, either... but at least you don't have to suffer alone or in silence.

Where to turn

I'm ssure there's some part of you that wants to live.
I could tell you all these useless euphemisms and crappy advice, but i know they don't help.
I could give you all this jesus crap, but who the fuck wants to hear about that.
All i can say is that i want you to stay and i'm sure others do to.
But most importantly, you should want to stay.
Please dont.


yes. just go for a reallly long walk. Go to a forest. idk.
just dont do anything

Where to turn

Please dont leave*
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